May 08, 2016

We are all lucky to be born in this planet and cared for the first nine months by a woman we call our Mother. She is the most  important person in our lives and am pretty sure all the children of the earth agrees to it whether you are a kid or man old enough to raise a family.

I wanna start my first ever blog as a tribute  to the person who made it possible for me to be where I am right now, the source of my Strength who taught me to Aspire and Inspire people and courageously pushed me to explore the world of everything from my profession of being an Architect to the sports I’ve loved most and develop wisdom  towards being a good and respectable gentleman and a man for others.

My mother is the eldest among the brood of 8 and the only girl born to her parents Jaime and Visitacion both are now in the kingdom of heaven. Linda Santilices Emerenciana was born on the 5th day of December 1943 in the far flung island of  Pandan Catanduanes Bicol province, she resembles a lot of my Lolo Jaime and learn to swim at an early age as their house stands at the foothold of a sea. She met my father Gavino and raise a family of 7 with a set of twin whom she considered as the lucky charms of the family.

Her Younger Years

She holistically prays the rosary in Latin every 6 o’clock in the evening together with her parents and she live a life of a plain young woman until a catastrophic storm surge engulf the tiny island and raised the seawater above the roof on that ungrateful evening, Lolo Jaime tied her into a coconut tree to survived the flood including her brothers. She’ll never forget that evening as she always retold how it happen and made her a better swimmer.

50 years and counting

She started her career as a full time mother 55 years ago and she never run out of an idea, humor and unconditional love towards us. She taught us how to cook, wash clothes, clean the house, water the plants, throw the garbage, to pray, to study  hard-harder-hardest and the good values that builds our character and always reminds us to talk to each member of the family and to our Tatang.

Inang we love you

Today as we celebrate the occasion of our mother let me say my heartfelt thank you for always being the most understanding mother and the kindest Inang to us. Your unconditional love, care, inspiration, warmth and passion shared to us will always be the foundation of our existence and the formation of our good character.

Thank you and We Love You Inang!

Happy Mothers Day to you….




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