The most awaited election in the Philippines have gone full of drama, fanfare, comedy and nerve wrecking experience to those candidates as it was the day of judgment and all is fair under the sun come declaration day of the most number of votes given by the local voters. The five candidates declared and claimed it was their time, to lead and bring change and lasting comfort to every countrymen but when do you think is the right time, right?

I believed there is no such thing as right time in this case, the politics. Everything falls unto its place without anybody knowing it is the right time, the timing they say should commensurate the needs of the voters who have grown hungrier for change in economy, peace and order, job creations, freedom to everything as if they’re forgetting the current bible for civil society to follow to live a normal and peaceful life in the country. If my recollection is right, hmmmnn, I hope its right. Every child born in a day is destined to experience life battles, happiness, milestones and more and they’re not yet aware during those times that it was bound to happen and must be consummated to move forward to a simple or greater transcripts of the so-called life.

Back to reality we are about to welcome a new leader who will shoulder the boon and vain of the position for the next 2,190 calendar days starting next month of June 2016 and the best way to start it right is by firmly believing in the conscientious predicament a true leader must possess and people of the country who approved it without avariciously asking their chosen one if he’s really into it. And like a true gentleman, acceptance were giveth and to consummate it within the span mandated he humbly ignore the true revelations of the election results by saying a few words that until such time an official declaration has been made that it is the only time he will address the people who cried for a better future, a better governance and better unity seamlessly knitting the gap that they claimed had vast effects to their common lives. Words spoken during campaign should not be construed as the real solutions as the country needs its people to participate in the realization of each promises.

Unite, Heal and Move-on are the three most important words these five presidential bets must keep in their minds as it is unto their hands lies the new foundation of a new horizon. As a citizen of the country I am for the unification of all these candidates knowledge and vast experiences for the promotion of a greater country we are aspiring for, wouldn’t it be a great sight to see the four sitting side by side with the chosen leader contemplating the next big move our country needs in the next six months? five heads am pretty sure are better than one. With so many  things but little time to do it simultaneously it is high time but we Filipinos deserved to see realistically the true meaning of a great country. By moving-on and laying the hands of wisdom on the table and humbly ask what can i do to help this country be great again?

We are all Filipino, We are our Country and We are All United

God Bless the Republic of the Philippines!


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