Its wedding month of June once again and most of the scheduled wedding are already booked as early as last year since most of the single woman like to wear a wedding ring during this rainy month as they believe that rains brings good luck and success into a married life. After a long or short time of engagement they finally decided to hit the altar or the best ocean view as backdrop of ceremonies they’ve chosen. Nowadays is far different with the traditional customs and cultural beliefs of a wedding ceremonies as compared a couple of decades ago and even the bride and the groom have extremely gone differently cross-gender so long as they’re madly in-love and wanted to level up their relationship.So what are really trying to point out in this blog? June and December are the most preferred months to get hitched according to wedding planners and i wont be touching those areas of factual atmosphere but the gifts be it lavish or simple most of the couple are putting this simple paragraph, statement or whatever you may call it that reads as follows; “we are truly humbled by your presence and it will be more memorable to share your generosity not in gold, silver or bronze as we prefer cash gifts as a firm foundation of family life, thank you” So what is your first feeling upon reading it? Many do understands the practical reason behind as most of the couples has their own preferences in creating their home or how to start it as planned by both of them. Though its not a bad idea to have it that way and as many millennials say it is the most practical way to start a union as it teaches them to properly plan the most critical part of their new life which is to be financially stable no matter what. There seems to be several people who are not subscribing to this idea as it is the traditional way of giving gifts that they are most accustomed to. On the other hand, those couple who’ve done it will say that at any given chance they’ll do it again as it was a way of making the wedding itself a profitable on as they are sure of whats in it for them after doing the skillful mathematics of verifying numbers versus pre-accounted cost of the event which is obviously seen in a jam packed receptions with cocktails and extended time of celebration as some wanted an extraordinary grand entrance with a red envelop tucked in a suits pocket. What i am interested at is, how do they think at their young frame of mind analyse the post effect of their celebrated union will be assuming that they’ve earned a lot and able to establish a good start, new compact car, small decent home inside an above average enclave and the long list of good things never ends.

Is it the most practical norm our next generation should consider once they’re serious to start a married life?  or does it challenge them to put up the ante by thinking out of the box and enhance the idea of cash-gifts into a bigger one monetary wise? Maybe we should try to consult counselors and experts on how to establish the proper norms before indulging to it as there are several factors that’s need full attention to make it work and be successful in transposing your big event into a huge business IPO. your comments and suggestions are all welcome, Best Wishes to the newly weds!



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