In OKC Thunder’s win against the Golden State Warriors in  Game 1 of the best of seven  Western Conference Finals held at The Oracle Arena in Oakland California, star guard Russell Westbrook obviously committed a travelling violation while being pressured defensively by Warriors’ Klay Thompson. It was a clear infraction that should’ve been called for as the game was in crucial situation in under 17 seconds of the regulation lifting his pivot foot sliding backwards in front the Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr holding the ball and calls for a time-out, the referee granted the time-out and gone in favor of the challenging team resulting to 108 – 102 final score.

In the new era of basketball rules, slow-motion post violation double checking somehow helps the arbiter in coming up with a more acceptable calls or decisions that’ll be a make or break for one possession no matter what the game situation is. The question was, why they  did not seek the slow-motion check and correct the miscall made? Apart from a poor view angle of the referee who give a time-out to Russell Westbrook, He is the only referee who had witnessed the act and decision Russell did thus its not meritorious to seek the committee table to take a second look of the play. The game was so intense that the referees have controlled it fair and square for both teams and they deserved due credit for a great job in Game 1. The true gesture that merits the non-call was the theory of chicken and egg wherein, Russell Westbrook decided to asked for a timeout that his hand-gesture for a players-time-out CAME IN FIRST prior to his mis-steps that’s equivalent to a travelling violation, fairness and equity were also evident when Russell Westbrook shoot for a Free-throw where he steps above the free-throw line before the ball touches the rim and a lane violation was called sending the ball to Golden State Warriors possession. With the prestige of new record and a possible back-to-back title at stake for the Golden State Warriors we expect the series to be full of drama, actions and intense emotions to unfold creating an exciting Western Conference Duel between two of the four standing Duo’s in the NBA.


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