School opening is just around the corner and most of the parents are busy spending time and money in preparation of their child’s’ needs and wants. I say wants because there are still a lot who at their young age has big deal preferences in whichever tools they need in school. But wait a minute, we are all looking forward and feel great about it and its done! have we had think about the “previous” things our kids used during their lower years? have we ever wonder how it can be helpful again and indirectly share the burden of those people struggling to keep their children at school even in the tiniest way of book donation. Private schools are the number one consumer of new books every year at every grade and year level. it is very encouraging to set up a program that will cater to the basic needs of our dear parents as this noble idea will help them choose between new and used books excluding workbooks of course, just the textbook! Discipline and Economical Virtue will be highly develop inside the classroom by encouraging the students to utilize each references with extra care neat enough for next years use. Programs are abound and uniquely conducted in every school institutions and with the common goal of getting rid of destruction of our struggling forestry environment this is one of the best way to recycle a paper product for at least 2-3 years worth. During my younger years as a public school student i remember how we put extra care for every book issued to us that we were all amazed to see how neat looking and almost as new the books are before returning it to the class adviser. Private operated schools have grown out of huge proportions that resulted to more book distribution demand to every year level. These leave a simple problem of clutter in ones house once the school classes is over. Every parent have a hands on experience to this and must be thinking of a proper way to dispose it and earn a dime from it and add to their new books requirements come purchase time. Several fast-food chains have launched programs in book re-acquisitions and donate it to Catholic run school serving the poor and indigent marginalized sector of the society.

As an old saying goes, to judge a book by its cover is as pleasant as sharing the leanings and experiences from the book we came across with even if it is a small book of sorts, the humble interest to learn something new is best realized through ones kindness and teaching our child the lessons and virtues of sharing, consideration, understanding and compassion at a young age is one for the books.



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