You can find it anywhere in your house, from kitchen to backyard to an attic which was once a great space to play at during your childhood days has become the terminal place for things you’ve enjoyed before. Even our mothers and grandmothers have so much spare left that needs to be dispose off and de littering those shelves of invaluable items are fun and sometimes profitable. 

How do we do it where to start and for how long we should do this? Will it be better to leave it as is since it has so much significance to our lives that it sometimes left untouched for decades even if the rightful owner is singing hallelujah in heaven. That is where you have to start right away by asking questions to yourself and define and decide at once to make it rolling. A one time visit to scrap buyers is a basic idea of high impacts or try to look for those identifying themselves as pickers who makes a living out of collecting memorable items from toys to tools even for a not so famous items such as ice maker, old chopsticks, pans and anything they can add up to their antique shops where these will be put on display and sold at a valuable price. Ukay-Ukay, is one of the best example of a systematize garage sale the same with junk shops and scrap buyers and seller shop located in the vicinity of industrial zone areas of the metropolis. Is it hard to sell something you’ve valued most? It’ is both yes and no while to some it’s maybe, we need to rethink for a second why we are disposing? There should be a simple and acceptable reason to consummate it. Are you into home improvement mode or remodeling a corner space as these are one of the major reason to make the move to dispose comprehensible. Perhaps you’ve reached the peak of use of your couch or bed maybe an outdated linen of curtains are still neatly tucked inside your walk-in-closet eating up so much space that could be more useful than ever. 

So where’s the money trail here you must be asking. It is waiting underneath your kitchen cabinets, walk-in-closet, in the garage or at the storage room. Practicality counts if you wanna get rid of things you don’t really needed for the next 6 months. Thanks to the countless options available to small and large department stores that offers new and similar things you have but a better version in terms of power consumption or space saving sizes will give us without a second thought to upgrade and enjoy life without clutter. 

We must bear in mind how the world of innovation evolve to what it is today and we must continue to adjust to enhance our way of living, practical thinking and decision making. We are all sure that innovation is not bound to end but will continue to re-invent itself via-a-vis with the primary needs of all human in his continuous survival in the modern world. People must regenerate the means of their existence through valuable disposal of the pre-owned things and convert it to something more useful and much needed to his consumption. 

What are you waiting for try to start sorting all those stuff and start being supportive to our environment conservation without hesitation and put your planned action into work and money. 


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