Since the first expedition of humanity navigation has been an important part of the people’s life. When Moses led the people to the promise land he has the Gods voice as an instructional navigation. Columbus, Magellan and even our modern world circumnavigators uses the navigational equipment or tools to maintain the direction on tract. Now, can you imagine if our life has no known navigation? How could we live in today’s modern world without is a game changer for sure. 

We should be thankful to those brave souls who’ve navigated the world in search for answers to their question if a there were existence of humanities in the other side of the vast ocean of high and low seas that they’ve set a series of trips with the stars in the universe as their primary guide apart from the strong memory recall of a certain place even the height of the waves as basis for a right direction. So how do we navigate our lives? Are we in full throttle or a pace we are in control of or someone has to control it for us? We are all captains of our dear life and we should know best where we are heading for? Perhaps heading to, we are all gifted with a strong sense of thinking to lead us into our wants and needs. In navigation there must be two points to consider the start and end of it and the distance in between those stretches comes the different challenges to make it on the other end. 

So I must say its not merely indulging yourself to navigate things without being preferred isn’t it, as there must be a purpose or target to achieve for this will make the distance more relevant and important. Preparation in a way of equipping yourself for the extreme unexpected challenges ahead besides we all must manage our expectation in every aspect of our life. How about those people who are navigating the high seas of problems and grief. It’s not easy to continue if a burden is too heavy to carry that concentration and focus are at low level and disturbing. It’s quite difficult to navigate life it involves emotions and culture. 

Experts are still mapping out the world including the universe, oceans are fastly changing due to extreme unpredictable weather pattern changes. Life threatening voyage in air, land and sea and the universe are still far from perfect and never will the so called experts could find a perfect tool and equipment to smooth sail the vast oceans and traffic airspace and the infinite universe that’s keep on expanding to zillion light years. 

We are all gifted with the greatest tool and equipment to carefully navigate our daily life, practice of common sense and right and just decisions will lead us to a proper and better direction while in full appreciation of challenge it imposed during the trip. Straight line belongs to Man while crooked line belongs to God.

You can start mapping out your life and navigate it as it pleases you and your soul. In Four hundred meters there’s an accident prone area to the left said the garmin VOP and this guide me to navigate  accordingly. Drive your life and car safely dear readers. 


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