North , East , South and West look around and observe the on-going progress our country have strategically embarked and deliver for the next 36-48 months. Up we must move and improve and we must do it in a shortest possible time. There are risk that needs to be taken care of particularly the safety of the people living in the nearby place of infrastructure works and the daily users of the roads with blockades and shore ups to distinguish the areas safe for public use. Ideally that’s the practical thing to do and keeping these areas safe do public use posed a big challenging task for the people involved. 

So goes the saying the devil is always in the details. A concrete Logistic Plan must be laid out and put into works to mitigate the possible occurrence of untoward incidence to anybody getting nowhere near the edges of works. Vehicular traffic buildup transform cool heads to heat up and curse the works that’s being done for the progressive country they say. To repeatedly experience the inconvenience it might bring to our daily life’s traveling routine is tantamount to not learning to plan ahead the day on how to avoid the chaotic and nerve wracking moments waiting for you in the vicinity of infrastructure projects. 

You can outsmart them by patiently doing these set of strategies and practically avoid the rigors of it. 

Reset your body clock and move swiftly with acuracy on hitting the road as early as you think advisable for you to arrive on time to your destination. Rush hours occurs during the morning and afternoon to evening time and to plan your meetings, errands out of this time will save you energy and resources. Head the opposite if needed to avoid and lessen the possible congestion in the infra-work areas. To discover new and alternate routes coming from your house is a big plus. Use your mapping apps to do this and am sure you’ll see the difference of point to point travel.

Use the Internet by looking at the official announcement given by the proper authority and the service providers website will help you understand the magnitude of work entailed to close some portions of the road and adjacent area if necessary. Always be reminded of the competing PUJ or PUV inching their way to the rightmost part of the road to pick up passengers and returning to middle lane to ply their route 24/7 so never underestimate the ill effects of high volume of foot and vehicular traffic in any given situation. It’s guaranteed chaotic and we don’t wanted to be in a stressful place anytime of the day.

The presence of heavy lifting equipments double the chance of high risk activities and better stay away than sorry. Urging people to park at their risk is a sign that you refrain trying to even if it’s for free. Splinters of stones or aggregates will put dents in your vehicle aside from covering it heavily with dust and mud.  Always put your headlight into dim when approaching work site open areas to avoid glaring and miscue to those working people with the involvement of an equipment. Be serious with their signage and pass through with critical care to ensure you won’t initiate any minor and major incident be it while your driving or walking near it.

Slowly stop look and listen to the noise as an unusual sound means incident waiting to happen or bound to happen by paying attention to those watch out overhead falling objects or keep your eyes on the road and walk only below protected walkways to ensure you gone through it unscathed. Cover your nose and mouth to avoid inhalation of dust particles and shards. 

Try to appreciate its progress whenever you’re passing a working open site to minimize your stress and educate yourself with the specific use and impact it’ll bring once it’s rolling smoothly as expected. 

To sum up things to deal the adverse effects of ongoing infrastructure major works remember the following.

  • Plan your trip ahead
  • Reset your body clock to have a better rest
  • Be well informed through the Internet
  • Do your share to mitigate incident 
  • Stop look and listen 
  • Appreciate the progress 

Be safe and be well informed.


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