Everyone wants to be on top giving directions do this do that and loves to delegate works for further result that’ll grow their chosen field. Have you ever wonder what career a man can have nowadays and how they’re coping with it and their extra training needed to be on competitive level with their peers and retain their position in the industry. 

Embalmer – they’re the mild manner career person who has the highest tolerance to see morbid things. They’ve this so called extreme quality of seeing normal things even in an overly hair raising situation like a dead body. Possessing a skill set likened to a scientist that sliced their way like preparing onions and garlic in a kitchen. Working in the wee hours and eerie place inside a parlor of the dead. They seem not to care of freightening feelings drinking soda while he performs the deal. 

Cemetery Caretaker – freightening hours and nights spent inside the cold and eerie surrounding of dead mans tombs and Mausoleums makes this career only for those who can tolerate the freightening job entails. Burying of dead becomes a daily thing for them and there they spend half of their lives tendering the whole community of the silent souls. 

Forensic Pathologist – to carefully look, touch and analyze an exhumed dead body also requires great determination to pursue as a career given the variety of specialization. However, it is the interest to put oneself unto the forefront of deep investigative science and share the essential results in search for truth but nothing but the truth in an extraordinary cases.

Desludging Attendant – your shit is their way or means of living. The stench of a long stocked sewage sludge brings a poisonous aroma once a cover is removed and acquired possibly bacterium diseases after the work process inside the septic tanks of every household, hospitals, commercial malls and funeral parlors. 

This is the smell of money as they’ve said that they indulge in these not so normal careers and been able to even delegate the tradition to any member of the family. Highly regarded as a mere job and not as a career, there are modified and improved syllabus to follow to be a pro in these chosen field. And these special jobs becomes easier with the aid of advance tools and equipment removing the fear, anxiety and any obstruction in the performance of morbid jobs. This is bound to continue and evolve into something people will sought after about well because of pricy talent fee.


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