In the world of Internet speed matters and nothing else. In the whole Asian region our country has the slowest buffering speed when compared to the likes of Myanmar, Vietnam etc. geographically we are challenged and the current service providers are knocking their R & D people to be on top shape and capture the majority of subscribers or internet users from Batanes to Jolo Sulu. 

The supposed three corner competition with the entry of SMC were cut short without transmitting even a single byte to consumer after deciding to sell its bandwidth of as they say is the stronger and superior in speed than that of the two existing providers. In other countries the set up is quite different as their government plays a major role in the existence of the Internet. Regulatory agency only register, monitor and imposed taxes etc. but not to the extent of participating in the general game such as providing a superior and seamless digital highway linking all major players and provide an Internet access even up to the remotest area of the archipelago. 

But let’s go back to the basics firstly who’s in charge or giving the franchise license to operate an Internet services in the country? How difficult or easy it is to get one? And what are the necessary requirements to have one? It seems all answer is pointing towards a straight direction which the government agency the NTC. And with that they’re are in full control to create a variet of expectations to the Internet consumers and it’s providers through a strong and definite parameters. It’s as simple as do we want a high speed service or not? 

In this modern times they always say nothing is impossible if we really wanted of good, superior, reliable and more than our expectation thing including the Internet speed. It is the political and commercial will that needs to check and the steps and policies worth changing to stay in chase of the dreamed high speed bandwidth for the benefit of the common population. The success of a business nowadays depends on the internet services bundled with great marketing tool and portals to what is being offered. Most of the searches transpires in a click and behind these are millions or billions of local users reliably putting their reserve energy to successfully attain company goals and home based utilization which are now being subjected to the so called “Internet speed testing”.

Frustrated as you are, why can’t we have the same effective speed as our Asian neighboring regions and how is it possible to be at par in a flash ? Maybe it’s time to pool our resources collectively and launch a sort of government controlled digital highway for a better and reliable internet spectrum for now and the years to come. Was it still loading before you were able to read this blog? 


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