It’s 1-0 GSW against the Cavs and the game becomes part of the history as they say or a starting point for both teams to figure out to outslay each and raise the Larry O’Brien trophy in four, five, six or seventh game and earn the brand as the World Champion in Basketball. In my own humble way I have a list of 15 points of why, what, how and you name it as the reason behind this organization has been being viewed globally even in football crazy country down to the third world countries barber shops. Aside from the sights and sounds there are these distinctive factors that makes them special and worth watching for. 

1. The Competitive Level – it has the highest of all level in the science of basketball that are worth a billions and when money talks everybody listen. The final seven games are the the most celebrated chapter of the league as the pretenders were crushed to being a spectators and supporters of each team that the competition has a steep straight pattern of difficulty to reach the ultimate match up of the season were the talent, teamwork and trust are the three major factor to stay at the top. 

2. The state fans active involvement is the loudest and attendance are full to the rafters and aisle. That’ a home court advantage is the best sixth man in the planet. A sea of team colors occupies the peripheral views of the opposing teams. 

3. On-going breaking of long list of records as the fluidity and selfishness to share the ball has jump the gun to a high scoring ballgame. Slightly gone are the isolation plays that was once a trace of success druring the 90’s. And plus the bonus of witnessing it from the whole size of the court. Treys coming from the mid court. 

4. Everybody is claiming they’re the best, questioning or giving different perspective to an MVP award and hiding their frustrations for their fans and these spiced up the rivalry of the second dance for the championship. The deeper the “hugot” the better games waiting for the fans to enjoy. But wait in Game 1 the back to back MVP slipped past Kyrie Irving and drove for a strong layup opposing LBJ in your face basket. 

5. We lost because….. There’ll be no long list of reasoning as the challenger is in the pinkest health when it comes to rosters superstar line up, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are back in action. The only difference in this series the Brazilian players presence which is the transfer of Anderson Varejao to the defending champs reuniting with his native team mate Leandro Barbosa. Who have made contribution well en route to a win. No reasoning no more alibis and it’ll be all talent and strategy we are to see.

6. For the sixth time Le Bron James is playing in the Finale and still chasing one for the Cavs. The team he left to get 3 rings with the Miami Heat and now back to as I’ve said get one for the Cavs. How effective this version of big 3 will always be part of discussion Kevin Love – Kyrie Irving as compared to Chris Bosh – Dwane Wade. Maturity and Desire is a major factor, will the superstars align themselves to defend the defending champs Splash Brothers is what the fans are waiting to see. 

7. Andre Igoudala the reigning finals MVP  have been sending stronger signal to everyone giving the Cavs hardlined defensive stops and joining the treys party is an X-factor of the game. The gentleman of the hard court seemed to be his old self and played quality minutes every night. 

8. The quality of game anchors, side court reporters and post mortem presenters are all credible. Giving a better understanding of the technicalities of the game by setting themselves an example to point out an issue as why it become harder to guard a 6’7″ Shaun Livingston as discussed by Kenny Smith who only stands at 6’3″ and joined by Isiah Thomas who is a champion guard at 6’1″. Kristen Ledlow has more followers than some NBA active players and this spells dramatic change and patronage of the basketball in the US where the number 1 sport is soccer. 

9. Social media have blown out of proportion the real effect of the series, real time reports, stats and even pre-game huddles were opened the door of comprehensive stories of the “This is Why We Play” catchphrase of the league. NBA Global clinics abroad are simultaneously done down to the grassroots of a certain countries to reach out and promote the game. This NBA Finals series has created a bigger social impact for the next generation to come. 

10. NBA items ranging from class A authentic jersey to ballets, play cards and Xbox and apps to your smart phones have totally incripted it’s mark to every single young and old basketball fans. 

11. The rivalry of teams apparels, shoes and even energy drinks. Under Armour vs Nike is the fiercest of all. Sports shops sales shoot up especially for these two pricey brands. Everyone wanted a piece of it even if it’s in a form of baller, warmers, rashguards or a pin. Sports shops sales shoot up and a visit to a public place will surprise you to see someone wearing an NBA shirt or rubber wrist bands.

12. Flagrant Fouls, Hack a Bogut, Ball screen plays, High percentages in shooting both for Free throws and the crowd favorite treys from the parking lot adds a new dimension to the game. It’s used to be a supreme battle of go-to-guy thing and it’s very different now. Physicality and quickness put dynamism of the strategies given by a bunch of coaches with seconds of the same head coach caliber makes the thrill and excitement higher than before. Add the board-breaking Coach Kerr as seen in game 1 out of his frustration to instantly instill discipline to his players and get back to the game. 

13. Replay analysis of fouls called to ensure the meritorious fraction decisively. And the short on screen analysis and views of VP for Referees and Replay put somehow the hanging question if the calls were made right that effectively change the outcome of the games. Expect the strictest form of officiating and the hairline difference of any violation calls to up the ante of athleticism from each team. 

14. The battle of small ball vs big ball is for us to appreciate throughout the series. High percentage duo Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry both are the sons of former NBA players of their own status is up to a challenge never seen before against the three Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Le Bron James all scoring and assist machines who are hitting their target remarkably. The once half court defense has extend up to where the current MVP Steph Curry is positioned even if he is on the other side of the court he is still at his deadliest form to hit big shot after big shots night after night. He just broken the previous treys records made by no one else but him and continuously lighting up the score boards never seen before in the entire league history.

15. Four point plays becomes an ordinary thing in the NBA courtesy of the Splash Brothers. Multi-crossover moves capped by an alley hoop dunked has been a jaw dropper that a super slow mo replays is needed to see how’d it happen. The current guards wider understanding of the game have made the game more fun to watch. Today’s era of basketball is a result of a multi-discipline training that’s makes the player now. Facilities and Practices creates a better team and the Golden State Warriors crown defense with the Cleveland Cavaliers is truly one for the books in the making and it’s a priceless memories we should watch for even in our busiest schedules as its not only the game or players but the stories behind the series a lot of dramatic lessons we can learn and emulate in our way of life. It teaches us freedom and more importantly the expression of our desires and contemplation to become loyal and stick with it in times of adversities where we can find the true meaning of brotherhood.

And a hundred more reasons why it’s important to watch the NBA Finals is what makes it so special around the globe. Thanks to social media and to the networks televising every game live, direct, direcho from the Oracle Arena and the Quicken Loans Arena. Once more to the sports bar, restaurants and the Shakeys Pizza Tomas Morato branch for giving the ringside seat to see and appreciate the game and the pizza till the last deciding 2016 NBA Finals game. 


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