Rizal, Bulacan and CaLaBaRzon rural areas needs a second look in terms of location for the current and next generation practical choice to stay away from hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

Traffic contributed most for the lost quality time a man has to his family and so with the young professionals leaving them without a choice but to spend unscheduled drinking binge and other unwanted nightlife activities that’s adds up to fatal accident stats of the traffic bureau. Aside from time consuming hassle and wasted resources carbon dioxide pollution poisons the metropolis air. 

On going infrastructure transportation projects, improved transport network vehicle services such as UV Express plying the routes using the expressways of the greater Manila areas made it accessible for the workings blocs of the society. But how sustainable these improvement remains to be seen. As the perennial problems relative to traffic congestion continues there seems to be no solution or end sight for this woes. 

In the most developed countries people and vehiclar congestion is something they’re so serious about that they’ve given preferential priority as this is considered as one of the pillars of productivity. They’ve built the city along the suburbs and rural areas bringing the facilities closer to preppie and not the other way around. Workplace are a kind of magnet that everybody converge and spent 8-12 hours of their lives and another 2-1/2 hours for travel back home. And with the sixty percent of time spent outside in a stressful and chaotic routine it take toll in anyone’s health, respiratory and vascular health problems are at highest including diabetes and diarrhea. 

Do we intend to spend our best 20-25 years in this manner? Opportunity lost in financial and family time should be reverse once and for all to bring back the extra quality time we needed most. Life expectancy are far lower as compared during the 80’s as people as young as early 30’s are suffering from work related stresses but not with the work itself. 

With the current Presidents vision of an interconnected cities and municipalities through faster and safe highways including the on going train elevated railways it is high time to think and consider living or relocating again in a rural areas surrounding the capital and nearby city. Congestion will be limited and will likely to be seen during holiday season when people troop to big malls and shops for their shopping needs. Developers are now staking their chances to corner a handful of young and mid-40’s couple to start rural life in a modern and practical setting. 

Rural life offers a better chance to enjoy crisp air and the natural habitat. To stay away from the busy surrounding relieves stressful thinking and lessen our lines in foreheads. There we can enjoy planting tomato, lemon, malunggay and any sort of backyard veggies for personal consumption free of any insecticide and a healthier one. It’s totally different atmosphere spending life in the rural area but still strongly connected to the happenings of the city through technology. Lesser cost of real estate taxes and earlier time to hit the sack guarantees enough sleep. And besides establish a grassroots opportunity to enhance your leadership norm through local politics. 

The real solution to our mind boggling congestion problem is to start thinking out of the box in a long term practical approach. To some it’ll be a long shot while to others it is doable. It should start on a family’s aspirations to life and targets and full acceptance of the quality of education, job security and basic health provisions is within reachable ways and means that can be consider as something that can bring happiness to each home and community. It’s the inner thought on concept of successful life that drives people to act and decide logically. 

The realist and the dreamer are both contagious and trended as it is in this manner of illogical thinking that piles up societal problems after problems and coping up seems to be unreal which has reach its limits beyond control. It is the complex challenges that can be outdone through basic  and simple understanding of multiple options to survive these unrest. Fortunately for us family the smallest unit of the society is given the optional advantages ready for our taking and it’ is our smartest and civilize way to stop the chaos and unbalance social and demographical awareness to initiate the truest solution to it. 


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