The Golden State Warriors are poised to clinch their second consecutive National Basketball Association Championship in tomorrow’s game 5 of the titular series versus the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oracle Arena Oakland California. 

They live and die with their dictum Strength in Numbers with their high flying act of unbelievable scoring runs. Fresh from breaking the old record for regular season of Win-Loss record by an outstanding 73-9 and continuous rewriting historic feat with the most recent as the most numbers of 3-point made in a playoff series at 17 triples led by the dynamic duo of back to back Most Valuable Player GSW shooting Guard Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson both are sons of former NBA legitimate players and better known as the Splash Brothers for a remarkable high shooting  percentage that’s been the bread and butter of the team. While most of the game analyst have prematurely written them out during the semifinals as the Eastern Conference finals ended early via sweep and lopsided matchup. The King himself Le Bron James who like a true missionary has promised the city of the first elusive NBA crown and convincingly done it up until the Games 1 & 2 losses on the road. 

With the Cleveland Cavaliers ALL-IN battle cry of the season it seems they’re all in for the biggest surprise of the series and that is bound to happen soonest as no team have ever made to comeback and steal a crown down at 1-3 with only a game slated to be played at their home court that makes it a gargantuan task their facing. Back to the basics of sports where numbers matters there the strength anchors. 

Golden State Warriors teams focus is to pile up scores in every department from steals, shot blocks, rebounds, assist, score and the sixth player much needed at home which are the 20+ thousand fans who are truly supportive of their team through thick and thin. Steve Kerr headcoach of the team have design a machine of plays devoted to lighting up the boards even during occasional losses. His noble idea of staying in then game whoever and whatever situation they’re in that set up the ante of their confidence level to contribute and ensure that a mere players presence on the court could make an impact of substantial value to keep the game going and winning. 

The numbers as the focal point of motivation have brought them to what and where they are right, a game away to win a second crown. Realistically speaking strength in numbers are also adaptable to anyone’s life in whatever capacity they are right now. Putting those positive numbers on a daily basis somehow ensure ones productivity and inspires us to ask for more and much more until we’re comfortably satisfied with the numbers we put in. 

As early as now, I am congratulating the Golden State Warriors, the Splash Brothers, the modern Rodman Draymond Green, the Brazillian brothers and the rest of the team and staffs and it’s whole organization for putting up the numbers at its strongest and unbelievable stature to inspire the youths and the NBA fans that basketball championship can be handily won as a team and within the bounds of humble dream and discipline. 

Good job Golden State Warriors the 2016 NBA Champions from the Philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


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