The sun goes up every early morning and in its strongest for more than 4 straight hours. It’s been up and down there since the primitive period and providing brightness to everyone’s daytime life. In the northern hemisphere the sun has been always shining on their TV’s so the song goes and that’s a fact not fiction that serves as clues to us to make use of it endlessly. 

Modern applied science creatively utilize the good effects of the sun to power up space stations, orbiting sattelites and even provide back up power to airplanes and ships. Calculating machines and other instrumentation are also making the most out of it acurately. The 20th century is now being turn into the age of solar power generation and to some it’s a part of renewable energy program which in line of participative responsibility to cut out carbon emissions that according to the scientist has been depleting the ozone layer of the planet. 

The question ties to the operational cost to extensively make the most out of it. Safety and storage systems must adhered to the easiness of use and disposal. There are of course the pros and cons for everything and it’s the maintenance cost and parts distribution availability in times of downtime or error in power distribution for consumption to a single abode. Education and information disemmination is another key factor once we go solar supplied covering basic operation and maintenance of each power-unit and enhancements to get the full performance capacity it’ll bring to people. 

This is a fad and green fashion of the next century. People’s clothes requiring low and quick maintenance for a proper adaptive reuse in almost every basic needs of the people. Transformation of our community is highly probable and it’s  happening now and we got to be proactive in embracing this change as this human induced phenomena is geared as one of the primary source of energy enough to provide lighting and appliances usage to every home. Does this means that were on to a new set of standards for acceptable for luminosity and darkness. 

Mass production of panels must be regulated and tested of quality and performance specifications for an efficient and expected results. Mass reservation shall also be practice to ensure continuum of supply. These might be the best source for a prepaid type of distribution for those needing below 100kwh per month consumers who belongs to the marginalized sector of the community and in this particular setup bundled flexible hoses an eyesore in a certain area will be eliminated. 

Our near Equatorial geographical location is considered as an advantage rather than disadvantage and we must adapt it seriously and let loose of the ozone depleting way of coal fired power generation system that’ has gotten its toll on the Mother Earth. 


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