The prominent symbol etched in every corner of the planet that can be understood as planetary explosive invasion and total elimination from the solar system.

Colossal destructions beyond human imagination that’s how it was portrayed in the new released film Independence Day 2. How depth or cataclysmic it would be if the earths molten core are siphoned out by a machine built in the idea of billion light years technology ahead of us. As we all know that the planet can be likened to a very strong magnet made of minerals that keeps the humankind and all the living things up stand and gain the balance and directional path in a more controlled and predictable manner. Gravity is the best term used since the beginning of the world, relativity scientific theory as explained by Albert Einstein that the evolution of jet propulsion to escape the pull of gravity have changed the way we travel around the globe and way above within the orbit and leaped for a farther reach through a thousands of space explorations highlighted by greatest leap of a mankind above the surface of the moon and the latest unmanned vehicle Mars Rover to the planet Mars. 

During my younger years curiosity hit me a thousand times as I’ve ask our school teacher if those living down under are living upside down or how come the oceans don’t awash if it is located at the South region of the globe. Not until the Physics subject that I came to understand the true reason and scientific explanation it entails and comprehensively dissected the paradigm of magnetism. In the latest Hollywood movie The film elaborately showed the beauty of science not only to the kids but to the adult as well. The powerful force of plasma and the defensive negative effect it can bring against the piercing thrust of blazing weapon of unknown type. 

The importance of mathematics to delineate the interpretation of plans by extra terrestrial species whom does really exist and have the smartest and sophistication of stellar traveling machine and defense systems. They’ve displayed the future of space travel through the contrasting reliability of old and frequency based radio transrecievers that works even in the bottom of the ocean during the absence of satellite signals.

Labyrinth of reasons to understand the situation obviously challenge the human intelligence. The world can be wipe out in a less than an hour with the molten core as the prime target of devastation that a bursting ballon effect is possible once the magnetic core dissipates and keep unhooked all the things including us from the pull of gravity. 

In the end, it was the spirit of teamwork, faith and trust that makes the mankind victorious and learners of the new possibilities from the endless boundaries of intergalactic space science. Gravity defying transport system seems to be the greatest and difficult task at hand to achieve those interplanetary back and forth ride with mega propulsion boosters. I hope someday we will be able to achieve such artificial intelligence communication links and comprehension with the different species in the outer world and harmoniously be adaptable with their superior and advance technology in the protection and preservation of human race and the universe. 

Independence Day 2 is a great film to watch and witness the future of our lives.


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