Now that the final twelve has been announced it’s time to move on anhardest for the forthcoming FIBA OQT slated on July 5-10, 2016 at the MOAArena. The challenge our very own Gilas Pilipinas Team facing are also chasing the dream we’ve been aspiring for which is to play in the Rio Olympics 2016. The hungriest team are favorite to seal a ticket. Though the task ahead is projected to get rough day by day game after every game. 
We need to be as motivated as we are in our entire life if we want to succeed perhaps better than the previous Manila tournament where we were successful. There should be a well knit teamwork both in offense and more importantly the defense department. The focus must be as sharp as the tiger eyes on its prey and the team must rely to their scientific instincts nurtured during the training and goodwill games. The team should play the brand of basketball our peers are playing to send a clear message how adept our system is and play our local brand of basketball as part of an element of surprises to beat them. The coach and the players must always on the lookout to possible mismatch especially at guard position where we are at par with best in the world. 

Yes we do believe the ball is round but that’s a cultural based analogy and the science of basketball have made what it is today. Game stats says half of the probable outcome of the game and the intensity and solid team effort closes the other half. Assistant coaches are in for a rigorous grind of analysis of the game shotclock per shotclock to stay in the game and have an accurate close out of every game. 

If I were to ask of my first 5 I’ll go for Blatche, Japeth,Ping, Romeo and Castro/William. The sixth man shall be Gabe Norwood to maintain the speed once we take out Japeth. A second 5 of June Mar, Chan, Parks and Troy Rosario joining the sixth man Norwood for the second quarter. The sequential options now for Coach Tab Baldwin becomes a better one. Mix and match sort of troops is now doable as we won’t be seeing any handicap during defensive stop as we’re always outplayed in the guard position and betting on a Hail Mary shots on the attack end. And there are a countless combination available for every situation it may be during the tournament and one of the key factor here is to maintain the energy for the whole duration of 5 consecutive days games. 

Staying in the game is the number one priority our Gilas must adhered to, play like a hungry bull taken out of his cage and ready to assault anybody in sight which is the rim. Focus, Strength, High IQ game, Attack Mode, Moving without Ball, Healthy Team, High Percentage Shots, Sure Pass or Assists, Never Say Die Spirit, Camp in One Place, No Net Access during tournament and Motivational Talks with the Big J, Big Difference, MVP, The Bishop, Francis Kong and keep the Faith with the Lord. These are the ten cents advise I can humbly share to our very own Gilas Pilipinas 4.0 Laban Pilipinas Puso.

Let’s support our very own this coming July 05-10, 2016 at the MOA Arena and wear our national colors and let our one voice be heard in four corners of the world that Gilas Pilipinas is the promising team of Asia. 


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