Customer services, Package counters inside the malls are to be honest with you guys were added extra services being provided by the mall owners thru their smiling and accommodating staffs or crews. Stacks of box and rows of shelves are a familiar sight once the supermarket, malls and the likes start business in the morning. Shoppers brings with them a lot of stuff like infant needs that’s quite a heavy load while on shopping so they are determined to hit straight the package counter are and leave temporarily those items. There are long list of prohibited things in every malls or supermarkets. Half field coffee are a big no inside an upscale clothing shops and sometimes inside a grocery stores. So you have an only option left which is to leave it behind the package counter and get it back after hitting the point of sales crew. 

Having things needed to be left in the said counter is something we can opt out if we really plan our activity ahead. Does this means most of the people don’t plan things out? Maybe yes but sometime no. But if you kept on leaving things behind those counter everytime you go out shopping or malling, it needs immediate attention. There are pros and cons in utilizing that helpful counter, it gives you a liberty to move around without those bulky thing but gives you also headache if it still intact the way you let it. Pilferage are common that’s been easy to pull thru by those perperators that were able to find out once were home and it takes a lot of process to prosecute the act of an ill-refute due to their so called standard operating procedures. Leaving your things behind also eat your extra time to go on another place and leave you hugging more bags than usual. And never leave your food boxes to it as tiny insects might be pestering it and arrive with you at home superbly full of those sweeties. 

If you plan to go on a meeting within the area where a unit is also available it is the best option available to leave things temporarily just don’t forget to mention that you’re betting in their seamless and honest service that makes you decide to leave your things behind for an important  appointment nearby. Baby Strollers, big bags, small frames bought inside the stores and other massive items are best placed to these counters. A couple of errors are identifiable such as mishandling resulting to breakages, unexplained exchanging of items, half eaten crackers and other food items and a long list of amusing encounters. 

The best way to avoid getting your things lost in a package counters is to leave no things at all. If it’s something that can be handily carried out think twice to leave it behind the counter as it is understandable for your other errands or appointment meeting to have it stack under the table or adjacent to your seat during meetings. If you have a car that is parked safely you can bring it there and proceed accordingly. Let the counter served those people who are traveling far places including tourist and wholesale buyers trooping the shops center and malls. Families with a lot of things in tow including baby needs for them to truly enjoy the bonding moments and the God knows what activity they have for that day. Little did we know that you’re not only helping others by not using the package counter for that small umbrella but yourself as well by turning your look more of a pro without those plastics, bags and what have you but your smartphone and car keys for an ease of mobility and suave looks. 

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