Radio are still lording it over even in the wee hours of the night. 

You’re at your loneliest and you found laughter, you’re even trying to hide it but in the end you end up shouting about it. These are the reasons on why people are still hooked in their radios even when the technology has advance portals to listen to and the crisp sound it brings we do still preferred the crisp of laughter these disc jockeys could bring into our morning and afternoon rush hours and the wee hours of the night.

  1. They’re all Amazingly Unique DJ’s from softest to loudest rendition of its programs there is no dull moments even in giving a news service you’ll automatically pause for a bit of seriousness and revert back to your jolly mood once it’s done. And besides they’re also updated to ins and outs of you name it under sun gossip they’re always able to maintain the excitement of its listeners with the variety of voices on the airwaves and send some chill vibes wherever you are in the four corners of the country.
  2. That Sunday program is not only a blast from the past! It is also the most awaited day of the oldies who belongs to the million fans of Tang Henyo. The most respected Tatang in all our Sunday’s beside our Lolo and Lola’s is Tang Henyo, everybody waits the punchlines and double meaning cracks he shares with Diego Bandido and Shai Tisai are commanding our olds imagination of the thing of the past comically. The sounds of the 50’s to the 70’s truly creates wonders of memoirs of our dear olds.
  3. The 8am and 9am programs are something of authentic genius! No program as bold as how it is can be heard in the airwaves and forget your woes of traffic and rush hours. It simply reset your mood to a level of take it easy vibes and stick your ears to its informative discussions where everybody could relate even your blackhead in your nose. The advises and it’s pros and cons were given a balance notations and add up several semi details to share their views and learnings based on their experiences and of course the station janitor experiences as well. Add up the segment of Mahiwagang Burnay where those who feel that it’s the end of the work or world for them find simple alternative to continue to prosper of their respective lives.
  4. Papa Jack teary filled callers who are genuinely shares their life social and love life downfall seeking benovalence to its famous DJ. The advance and well immersed jabs sends a clear message to the caller as a test of faith if she is really into the idea of letting go or making the dear sacrifices and move on to the next chapter of her life. The tears slowly metamorphose into laughter and a relief in sight made this segment the crying shoulder of the airwaves.
  5. The DJ’s inner talents are showcased  in its drama especial before siesta time giving its listeners a point to ponder before taking a nap either in their office pantries or those listeners attending their rice paddies  under the shade of a full grown mango tree. The anthology expanse and unconsciously occupies your desire to predict the next episode thus making you do the analysis without any effort. The joy it brings to those who has the same predicament and the tears it makes to those who has the same shortcomings. This the modern age radio drama that we can say will stood the test of time as it is anchored towards its listeners heart and imagination. The oldies, the millennials and the like subscribe to the idea of truthfulness and simplicity of its stations conservativeness that are well delivered and amazingly done by its disc jockeys.

The longest journey to a mans life is when he stop laughing, when he stop sporting that’ curve lines unto his face to make things straight. To listen is to learn and to share is to speak silently. Paquito Montero


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