Minor to look at but major effects are bound to happen thru continuous negligence.

Everything seems to be turning right in accordance with the way you’re expecting it and the cycle goes on at least for a certain period of time. As we aged human factor traits becomes steadier for others and not to some. Illnesses of lifestyle induce health disturbances and the like can be equated to everyone’s error or the world renowned traits which is being negligent. 

How many times we became victims of this pitfalls and potholes right in our nose? It its the ignorance we colonially embrace thinking that it’ll never hurt us not break us till we end up tied and expose to its small but of high impact effect that we could be needing much of our golden time . Times where we could be using in a more productive way instead of finding solution to immediately get out of the mess misalign your plans and expectations thoroughly. 

Thinking twice, second thought, verification, cross matching, reorientation and the likes are traits we must smartly recognize during the times of doubt. Trusting your instincts and acting swiftly with it reduce the cost to regain the deficit and potential ill effects it’ll slowly instill to your serene and less complicated days. Release the positive sides of a doubting Thomas in you and be the best planner of your daily life from its smallest detail of checking your portal security up until the biggest financial constraints you’re indulging with. 

Life lessons are abound if we succeed picking our travails and journeys but let us always remember that being aggressive doesn’t reward the negligent via reciprocal effects and it’s karma. And let us never forget that as we aged we must learn continuously to live life to its fullest rewards of happiness for if we don’t it’ is an unseen act of negligence of pricey consequences. 


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