Traffic situational report moderate to heavy for the next 10 minutes.

We normally heared so much whining about traffic and the hell effect it could make to our daily routine especially if we are obligated to use the main highways or roads to reach our destination. It’s just a part of the whole society, but what about those needing emergency runs like the Firetrucks going to where the fire is? Ambulances who’s going to pick up a dying patient from an accident or whatsoever? Police enforcers car running after the hooligans? Last but not the least professionals who are into medical care wanting to reach his patient in hush needing urgent shots of high grade calmers? And the lone stumbling block only to fail at these all is you said it right traffic.

According to the latest business news the total sales of brand new cars soared as high as 30%!  Economically speaking this is a great news and we need to sustain the growth it has created to the transportation sector.

Don’t be surprised if traffic gets a little bit more congested from this month onwards as the trend of automotive sales continues to rise and reach unprecedented levels. 

Vehicle sales rose by a total of 6,438 units in April 2016 compared to the same month last year, which represents a 30.3% increase.This was confirmed by the report of both the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), which also showed a ‘double-to triple-digit sales expansion across all segments.’ 

Sales gains attributed to new models and promos.

So that’s the good news, and to have a balance sort of supply and demand from both cards which is the cars to road ratio. Engineering the traffic and it’s side effects is the next main source of serious concern to serve the people. The Americans commissioned the famous city and urban planner Architect Daniel H. Burnham to see if he can duplicate or applied perhaps the bright ideas he did for the city of Chicago and Naples where one of the highlights were the maximal use of potentials of the water ways and it’s linkages to commerce. Some were done whilst most are not. And time flies faster than expected add up the technological advancement which could have been utilize swifter than we thought but we choose to go backward underlying the primitive ways of U-turn slots wherein our road network as designed effectively are rectilinear in form that the basic control system we just need is the proper utilization of Stop Lights.

In today’s situation the main reason behind the unsolicited traffic that effectively makes your day a nuisance one is the core discipline we must exert towards our co-users of the road whenever we are driving wherever we may be going. Millions of gallons of petrol and diesel are wasted and the extreme effect it borne to our businesses especially those in the logistics and forwarding segment. Will reverting back to the original flow of opening up all active  intersections help ease the congestion? Does relocating the bus terminals adjacent to main high ways release freely the button from the bottlenecks? Will opening of posh subdivision roads leads us at least 10 minutes earlier to the central business district of the city? So many questions equates so many solution! Let us not use the discriminatory word ‘phase out’ for it trickle down to the marginalized sector whose source of living were anchored and tightly tied to their 1979’s model jeepney’s where the cultural mementos are sacred. Maybe we can encourage them to do some upgrade to sound better, limitation of routes must be enacted into laws to fortify the not so radical face-lift of the thoroughfares. These are all about the technical engineering side but how about the medical health hazards it can possibly make to us?

Respiratory illness, cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract infection and the most common of all “stress” where even at a young age of mid-20’s everyone’s is experiencing stresses. Deprivation of healthy sleep and the early to leave their houses in the morning and the late evening arrival of the same somehow eradicate his quality time for his family and himself. We do all believe that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. No wonder were still languishing in the third echelon of the society and stalled temporarily not until we find the proper antidote to this traffic mess. 

Then there’s the advent of the app based transport network services that truly is a convenience only for the riders benefit. Pickup at the front of their gates and being dropped off to its destination with the same comfy and class that is after a smart navigation with the help of Google Maps and Waze whereas the latter freely gives update on the road “traffic situation” like heavy build up or potential hazards on the road that you might be expecting along the way and help you understand the next road condition a bit. Yet it doesn’t solve nor provided the lead to the perennial problem which is the tragic effect of traffic as a whole. It’s gonna be back to basic and important character trait to perfect if not to dissipate ultimately the mess on the road. Discipline 

Will it really bring the soulution to the problem? You read the right word it’s the soul-lution that counts, we need to address the problem with the strictest form of controlling ourselves whenever we are on the road, to navigate the streets of our acceptance of the truth and it’s unbalance effect to the people. We tend to murmur about the simplest things but forgot to accept the reality it’s bound to happen. In every metropolitan city traffic is an ingredients of progress, a spice of problem that only the trait of acceptance and understanding as the foundation of soulution to realign our expectations toward the attainment in the end of every mans contentment. 

Our health is in between the line of risks and progress that thin line can be magnified into a thousand strands of character traits lead outstandingly by our core discipline to help, to maintain, to follow rules and policy, to play the camaraderie needs of certain situation to negate the fact of expected chaos. Roads are the mere witness to our inconclusive determination to resolve the mess and we as the one who possess the highest form of intelligence must act naturally without any fanciful display of cowardice and neglect to our community.


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