Climbing the stair of faith is equal to performing the parental obligations to a newborn child.

An invitation nobody can resist as a gentleman from a long time friend and for something that’ll last the bond forever. How many times have you been asked to be their child’s Godfather is a testament of how good or bad you are as a friend or acquaintance to them, it is the reputation that somehow dictate our common acceptance.

The friendship becomes deeper once you’re invited to stand as one of the principal sponsor of their child’s baptism. An obligation anchored through the church faith and good work. The chance to expand your network of business acquaintances with those fulfilling the tradition that’ has started million years ago.

What it means to you will allow you to mature being the foster father once the situation requires you to consider living up the promise you’ve bowed upon the ceremonies years ago. Being a godfather is a big responsibility to be a man for others. It is the The performance of obligation of a second father or parents of the child which is expected upon.

How great it could be if we’re asked to be a sponsor of someone whose belief and faith differs from ours? The inkling to accept must be disavowed as it is the child’s future that is being offered in front of us and we must accept it without any hesitation the way we were born unto this world and welcomed by those who’ve been here ahead of us. It is the tradition an old age cultural tradition that should be kept in our heart to not let it be put into the arrays of forgotten history.

How many if you were to ask yourself have bother or asked you to hold their child in a baptism rites, child dedication or sponsorship and in whatever word you prefer to describe it but with the same inner obligations and  parental relationship? It is by far one of the creator’s way to remind his children that we are all indeed created equal and in rite passage we must accept the brotherly obligations.

In your country, how do you welcome a newborn child in your society? share your story to the world. Paquito


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