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Goodbyes are sometimes made in heaven.  Taking out yourself in the mettle of life convenience is the most dumbfounded decision a person could do, sometimes I run, sometimes I hide said once in a song and momentarily you ask again yourself “am I really ready for this?” Half of you wittingly says it is and the other sadly isn’t . Decision making is a must and a must we must decide to move the wheel of point of no return.

Its gonna be a picturesque of an old ways we’ve  done and the unpredictability of a new set of windows to show you new promises and optimism to start the greatest chapter of the precious life ahead. To some it can be describe as the most boring part and unproductive days of their life while to others who have never cracked during extreme pressure to lay for the nth time a foundation they could stand to and the forebearings of flexibility to withstand the never before seen de facto of life twist and turns decidedly. But how easy is easy if we have foreclosed the failed line of happiness? Can we accept these life event transformation even if we are aware of its results? People see things differently without a doubt with no reserve to success and in failure we succumbed.

In success you hinge your fate of faith. To rely with the basic instinct of facing the game of life is the only armor and pride you could freely excercise and battling out the doubting Thomas in you will just keep you amplified to begin something new. With this we tried and hide the imperfections of our current life, friends and even love ones but lo and behold for in these peculiar reasons we promptly heed the call that after all we are and only we are can settle the  box score out and proud.

For Once you must glide above, you’ve lifted the burden within and those glances at the window should slowly drifts and drip the tears away putting trickles of measurable closure by the time you start to step down the silent stair of a new beginning where the chance to be a happier you as you’ve always wanted to be that a final wave of goodbye you have surrendered convincingly. God never ceases to situationally put us out of our comfort for in heaven above our memories are written.


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