Everybody wanted to have one and i wonder why? Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or simply call it Drones. These odd-looking robotics have been hovering overhead and being heard of with its zooming sounds of its tiny propellers and multi colored monitoring light as the only means of direct link to its ground positioned controller or its owner. it has been for tactical used by the military superpowers back as early as 90’s. War of colossal magnitude have deployed this system even in its tiniest form of a size of a small bird to make a better look prior to penetration of a main target of operations. Drones have its stealth characteristics that it can sometimes elude radars and systems and that makes the new era for the military solutions and systems more manageable with a little casualties on the ground.

Drones made the impossible in terms of peripheral views never ever encountered million of years ago, it’s sci-fi like results open up a new horizon to everyone’s creative thinking, filmmakers, photographers, underwater camera crewmen, military, researchers, geologist, farmers, architects, engineers, safety officers, CEO or COO and its a long list if were to write it here and lastly the hobbyist. The human race never stop innovating, research covering the viability to create man’s life convenient and narrow the gap of geographical distances for a real time answers and solution needed in every facilities such as healthcare, shops, stores, offices, transportacion facilidad, underground tunnels service booths and even to cemetery. And one of the primary reasons behind is to cut out the issues concerning precious lives of those involved in the performance of their duties.

The promising development it could bring to the society has somewhat shaken the existing laws and restrictions for the aerial transportation around the globe. Indeed this change has the ups and downs as we are again entering the phase of full acceptance of its vast effects to businesses who are currently studying the optimal integration of robotics particularly in logistics and distribution process. The factual effect of manpower resources displacement once it is put up in operation of any business entity is very imminent and a thing of today we must embrace.

In every opportunity lost they say there’s a lot we can readily explore such as in this drone issue, a new opportunity to be a ‘drone pilot or UAS/UAV Controller’ is waiting on the other door to fill up the immediate needs this development have. But it doesn’t end there, it just started a new challenge not only to its patronizing customers but also to its corporate operators and even the group producing it must live up to its purposeful promises laid upon. Are we soon gonna see a bigger insects hovering above our rooftops? How about its routes, who will police its operations once it is put in the mainstream? Is there any insurance takers, how will they put premium on it? An opportunity also awaits the would be end users that they could offer to their loyal customers. But beware, imitations are bound to hit also the mainstream and its digital space above creating foreseeable trouble that could be catastrophic in nature. Originally manufactured or not these are all potential incident agitator. Fire of unforeseen numbers might be the new landscape our neighborhood could witness, the firemen will be seriously considering the inclusion to its program the Prevention of Fire Resulting from a Drone of Irresponsible use , padding up its budget for a simple revision of its campaign. Calls from disrupted and disturbed household are also a picture worth looking at. So how and many hows do we really need to adjust or make promotion thereof of the proper and responsible use of a drone system?

There ought to be a specified by laws to cover, monitor and police in a most acceptable standard manner of drone use. Preventing its misuse by delegation of specific open spaces or areas for hobbyist and giving rewards to those who’ll convincingly report unauthorized use of the same will somehow negate the potential damage it may cause.  Just like a commercial flight, a record log book is a must for the operators which shall form part of its license renewal that can be downloaded from the government agency manning the system. Inventions are great if utilized properly and commercially adapted for a greater production opportunity is the only time we can say it is indeed a noble one.

Firstly let’s explore the immediate impact it could make if were to utilize it with those areas of enormous dimensions such as farms, mountain regions, ocean surfaces, stadias, cemetery and theme parks. The purpose shall be as follows, get up to date information of figures in terms counting how many cows are lounging around the farm lots and construction sites with tower cranes and large amount of scaffoldings around . Where does a recently crashed commercial flight jet debris might be for a possible clue to its location, provide an eye where the insurgents are hiding in the ridge of the mountains and keep track of their daily activities whether they’re launching attack to the lowland and municipality, keep an eye to the converging people in a sold out concert and monitor if illegal drugs and pots are being used. These are just a tip of an iceberg when it comes it its potentials and helpful effect. We just heard that a commercial convenient store made a successful deliveries using drones and a rope! A rope? how come such sophisticated invention could have utilized an age old tying knot system? In curiousity we must ask and listen how they’ve successfully did it, and how do they intend to improve the system relative to its rope thing.

Second, it must be regulated, as it is of the same potential hazard once it lands on the hands of those person whose main interest is to wreck havoc and chaos to a peaceful community. Black Market and online sellers must be check at once, this is one of the hardest part that lies ahead. The challenge to monitor and ensure that it wont be utilized into any terrorism act and the like. Wouldn’t it be possible to tied it up with the current mobile data service provider for a serious monitoring ? perhaps the government agency shall be at the forefront of this endeavor if we are seriously considering the immersion of all local government units to provide strict responsible usage of drone.

Third, a sophistically advance type of drone system should be readily available at the government disposal during the disastrous events such as earthquakes, floods and disturbance of civil proportion enough to instill bigger problems stemming from political polarity.

Lastly, it is not the physical unmanned aerial system that matters most but the results it can provided in the preparation of a possible immediate solution to a live challenges and its multi-faceted data whether it is in form of its camera, temperature, point to point engagement or whatever you want to call it. The real time informations potential solution at hand will always be the best part of this advancement lessening if not totally eliminating the loss of life and limbs for those high risk jobs and duties.

I want to challenge the unmanned aerial system manufacturers to take into consideration the potential damage it can bring once it lost point of contact from its base by figuring it out on how to have it transform into a foamy soft and spherical thing once it becomes contactless and or powerless during its journey. And to linked it with the current satellite system above for a synchronous voyage with the commercial jets in order to avoid large scale loss of lives and properties.

Thank you for reading my blog , are you a drone user or fan? Let’s discuss and see for ourselves how can we help bring this new gadget in a seamless motion. Paquito


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