Megawide MEPF Engr. Butch Castillo sitting in front of the author with his MEPF core group for Cyber Park Tower 2 project during a small breakfast.

There’s a truth in saying that “expect the unexpected” sometimes happen for a better reason. But this morning while cruising past the Araneta Center after an early morning meeting that saying we’re instantly proven a true one as an unplanned is a lot bound to happen than expected , in less than a half an hour small breakfast were hosted by yours truly Paquito with the former colleagues and project team.

It was an early breakfast as the Megawide Construction Corp. MEPF engineers led by Butch Castillo, Bob Batalla, PJ Ferriol, Billie and Marlon are preparing themselves into another super busy Wednesday for the projects Cyberpark Tower One & Two, both are located at the heart of Araneta Center Cubao in Quezon City.

Respectfully i obliged myself to to join their table to exchange a small talk recalling Grass Tower project days and shared several laughs and work related discussion that somehow made them feel the importance of give it all attitude towards work in serving a multinational company of great stature like the MCC. That brief yet memorable acquaintance limited to a pair of slice of pancake and hot coffee is more than enough to catch up and reconnect with old and reliable people who once part of our memorable career with one of the best in the construction industry.

With the values inculcated within the bounds of Excellence, Commitment, Innovation, Teamwork and Safety in the heart and minds of these young engineers, truly they are all a man of integrity.

Yours is better mine is written, comments and reactions are very much welcome. Paquito 


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