Seven months down or exactly 213 days or  5,112 hours or equivalent to 306,720 minutes have lapsed or added to our dear life. And if we’re to determine the working hours spent for those working at 8 hours for 5 days a week, they have already spent the 24.5 of it so to speak. Have we asked ourselves if that is proportionate to our needs and wants or set targets for the current year.

You’re surprised aren’t you? Am just spending the 24 percent of my daily hours and be considered productive? Now we know why the fuzz, the pressures the target sales, planning ahead of time means to one organization. We frequently failed to analyze first the importance of existence. The meaning of sacrifice is just envelop into an almost a quarter of our attention and talent.

Weekdays are the color of money, to some it’s a bit rosy but to most of those pressured laden jobs and cyclical it’s grayish near black, that a single mistake will cost his termination. And to maintain the color of money within the palette of green, blue, orange, yellow or whatever currency you have in your country you must put in your best talent and attention down to your last cent of effort to control the color of money you want that am sure is not grayish to black.

Start the work week with the color of money in mind and the people who are considering you as the hero of their lives. Your comments are truly welcome, Paquito


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