Once in our lifetime we deserve to have  an extreme off work time to revitalized, rejuvenate, explore things and places we’ve never done for the rest of our lives. Escape the concrete jungle of the commercial business district and breathe the freshest air that only an island could give, an infinite breathtaking horizons that’ll surely make you forget even your latest memo on your table back in the office. An island that is just less than 150 kilometers apart which you can tour around within the span of three full  round the clock time frame. Isn’t it cool and exciting ? Am gonna tag a friend who are all amazingly nature loving adventurers and explore the Northern Marianas Islands culture, food , sceneries and its people, go island hopping around and see for real the famous Banzai Cliff, feel the cold damp interior of the Kalabera cave, have a groupie taken atop the Forbidden island and attend a mass at Mount Carmel Church for an immersed spirituality in an island far from the noise of a city.

The au naturelle experiences will surely continues to the Tinian island where the long Broadway road is a totally new adventure to measure the breadth of the place. See and educate ourselves to the history behind the Japanese Memorial at the suicide cliff and appreciate the Torri’s majestic view point towards the Tatsumi’s reef. Climb down the stair of the Tinian harbor and be abreast of how this strategic island has been used to win the battle of the Pacific during WWII. Passing thru Aguijan lies within the 100 kilometer air distance is the island of Rota which is the nearest island to Guam. We wanna see for real exotic birds and kingfishers feeding from fish amidst the strong waves hitting the white fine sand of the beach shore  of the Bird sanctuary.

Relax, rejuvenate and revitalised in a paradise that awaits you in the form of both inland and underwater vacation activities as we are looking forward to learn and promote the conservation of the natural habitat and connect its meaningful importance to the mainland US in winning the war in the Pacific. And it’s gonna be a Rock-Round the Clock Fun once we hit the Northern Marianas Islands gems, Saipan, Tinian and Rota islands.

We are all part of the habitat, people needs nature and nature needs nurture, let us all be at the forefront of promoting the conservation and preservation of the mother earth. – Paquito 


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