People always locked in disputes, conflicts, miscommunication and whatever you wanna call it. We tend to understand things way different from what is being told to us, why? how on earth we absorb things in a manner it is far the true thoughts or message it should be? Was it due to the fact that grammar have continue to evolve that it becomes hard for us to comprehend and understand outright the message being impart, or maybe because we don’t pay too much attention as according to some case study “people now have a very short attention span of only eight seconds,” i repeat a little under 8 seconds and we seek to focus to other things out visually and thoughtfully.

Enough of hyperbolic statement or shall we say let’s get back to the basic of communication which is the power of being straightforward. Easier to be understood, easy to get the message across and get the proper answer were expecting it should be. Social media are now flooded of messages that always get around the bush style that the one seeking information are ushered into other ideology and content before he could get the true essence of the story. Communication dates back the dark period using tablets and scribbles across the surfaces of cave walls, the use of scrolls and birds in sending the message to the other part of civilizations are shall we say, straightforward as it’ll be a heavy load to carry above enroute its flight of destination if it’s written in volumes.  Telegraph during the early 1900’s were sent in a concise and easy to understand manner to ensure the sense of urgency are well respected. SMS, emails and minutes of the meetings are the most dominant type of communication recordings of statement across an organization and the globe that we don’t wanted to be misunderstood or misquoted by the other party.

Then with the power of being straightforward is the available and viable option to avoid miscommunication, conflicts and disputes. We are all entitled to it and we must express ourselves freely in a more straightforward expression.  Are you always being misquoted or worst misunderstood, From now on you won’t as you are indeed allowed to always be a straightforward person.

Let us get straight to the point and get what we wanted pointblank. Paquito


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