The new craze has overtaken the sophisticated virtual reality games by a map based trend called Pokemon. Everyone knows what is this all about and am not about to teach you how to get fattened your nests of eggs nor teach you more tricks and cheat. Am just concerned with the safety issues it indirectly created to those die-hard gamers and enthusiast.

Players need to go out and chase and trap and ensure that you’re throwing the curveball right to your target and this posed and exposed you to a real danger. In our outdoor and streets and even public parks where person of recidivist are lurking around waiting to strike anytime to you, yes you who has the fads to Pokemon game is the most pleasant target since your focus is right on your phone, killing your other senses towards your surroundings. But don’t you worry, as i was always saying that “behind every difficulty i am seeing always the greatest opportunity to improve on anything that danger could make, try to play the game in a group, in a buddy system. Your group could develop the bondage without knowing it. Watch my back I’ll watch yours thing is about to hit 200% rate because of this app game!

This is an opportunity to insert several miscommunication things of the past by using riding the belt of the game. Chances are your friendship will flourished more than ever. Back to reality, nobody it being told not to play it or be a part of the craze and all we need to remember is play it with utmost care to your well-being, don’t go out if its raining, in a high density populated place and even to dark places to avoid being the victim of the criminals that gonna POKE you with sharp knife and gun barrel tip and end losing not only the eggs your hatching but the smartest phone you’ve just acquire to be at the forefront of the Pokémon craze.

Nothing is wrong being swept away with new craze just remember how to get back to your realistic senses and well-being , play it with passion but see to it that you’ are safe. Paquito


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