A lot of innovative ideas are nestled in every man’s mind, to cultivate is to have the best reason to push him do it bigtime!

A lot of Senior High and College contest in design, ideas and innovation competition are being conducted with or without the substantial promotional prizes and accolades. And the institution were caught always in awe being chosen as the venue or the prize find university to have such competition on their ground. A lot as expected are participating with their sights set on the coveted prize and recognition. Competition breeds from the grassroot of school institution and community sports development program. While those in sports competition, there is a clearer line of expectation if the competitor possesses an above average sports IQ and a room for building a bigger heft and frame chances are he might be in one of the highest competition of his life which the professional league.

How about competition in regards to innovation, processes, invention, design and human-relations process development, how clearer are the lines to success and recognition it bring to the participant and  grand winner? Are they also in for a grandeur future? Most of the competition are done to get the brand of interconnection relative to high density population it possess, a great number to promote a brand, institution or product. The hard truth about this is the duplication of raw ideas brought about by the winning participant and were left cold in most cases, as the assumption of further development are given to a professional and take over the winning design, innovation or invention as a “consultant” and  be given the credit in the end. While in some countries the organizers truly challenge the winning participant by providing them the necessary tool and research to have the winning idea be introduce in the mass market for the convenience application of target consumer of the produce.

We are all born competitive, we just need to be aware where and when our participation start and ends. – Paquito


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