Woman as they’re claiming it has turned different after 2000 years of existence. Less and less women are staying home as they prefered to be as productive as men and be one of the pillars of their family. Though they still perform and capable of multitasking in and out of their homes. The society has been a mixture of x’ and y’ wherever you set your sight. From the working places down to the open parks and most especially inside the shopping places.  Even in films and kids cartoons a lot of princess stories have been shown and about to be shown. Aside from the female assigned restrooms, women are always on the majority number if we are to take a look at those malls, groceries and supermarkets. They’re everywhere. And what does it mean to us as a society.

It is high time to recheck our codes in respect to facility development, i am referring to all type of development that women should be given the upperhand in the full consideration of the factual elements of functional space patterns, let me cite the restroom facility alone, it is very evident that you’ll be misled to their long lines as a blockbuster movie queuing and felt a bit shy to learn that it was a trip to female only rooms. Look at the taxi stands, mothers with some kids are patiently waiting to get a cab ride, taking too long to stand that can caused them to have varicose veins  and short tempers leading them no choice but to release the outburst once inside their house further send a wrong signal to their children who became a victim of “temperamental confusion” making them lose confidence and generate low esteem in the end. Everything changes so fast in this world that the next morning you’ll be surprised to find out that you become outdated in a matter of seconds.

Creating a larger or shall we say capacity-designed ladies facilities in these fast changing time is necessary not only to improve the humane consideration to the women of this generation but to take a close check in their unpredictable temper will somehow makes this world a happy place, as they’ve said that a happy wife means a happy life in one local television series. It seems quite true my fellow readers, try to ask your mother and you’re bound to hear a load of expectations while their almond eyes flash those rarely seen glow since they got married. I wonder if there is a pending legislature for this that will add a chink to an armor of an empowered woman.

Very simple, while the women of our time are still bound to experience inconveniences in public places, let us always give way at least whenever possible the highest consideration we can extend be it in the taxi stands, point of sales counters, escalators, elevators, train seats, pedestrians, restaurants and in anything they should be given preferential treatment and sure we are, will witness a women friendly surroundings anywhere. Perhaps, men will find it easier to get a pass to visit those for men only places without a hush…….  Just kidding. Thank you for sharing this blog to the woman you love.

In women’s womb conveniently we dwell so women must dwell hastily happy. – Paquito



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