We are always baffled with those women sporting designed tattoos visible in their arms, legs, feet, nape, neck and even eyebrows. There are according to those die hard patron of tattoos, women who are well covered by ink, which is a status symbol or sort of artworks that is profitable in some still photo shoots, movies, painting and  event appearances to name a few. The woman featured in this article has a very simple reason as to why she decided to get inked, in her bottom portion of left-arm-hand a vivid name is written which is the name of their only daughter “Loreal Marisse”, the proud owner Ma. Bianca Bayona,29 who works as TM at a business process outsourcing company EGS in Araneta Center Cubao in Quezon City told me that her husband Paolo Barretto, 513 LED Works owner is also sporting the same artwork as a representation of their unending and unconditional love towards each other.

Wonder if it hurts to get one? ‘it felt like you’re getting a facial, it doesn’t hurt at all and i got this done by a pro who were once a champion in the local Dutdutan Festival which is the reason it was well done and prominent.

Everyone has their own way of professing their love and expressing it will give us a million of choices and results, but for this couple the fruit of love engraved in both of them is more than a testament that there is “forever” in this world. Thank you for sharing your time Bianca and to those who are also inked, let me hear your voices and shout out with pride the primary reason behind those colorful tattoos you have in your one dear life.

Ink might be erased but the memories will surely never fade. – Paquito


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