Majority of our road layout are patterned in a rectilinear, open type intersections, several rotundas and the like. There were several countries where an old traffic system is applicable ever since the road were paved for its route. Traffic, the perennial problem in our country are also present in other countries too. We have all the reasons why the roads are a messed especially during rush hours where people are simultaneously using the main highways for a faster and smooth ride home, ideally speaking.

Highways is designed for a brief travel and at a set speed limit have scientifically estimated the proper and manageable time travel with a general consideration of a ingress and egress point concept, (observe NLEX, SLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX does it have a U-Turn? If there is, its primary use if of the highway police -only- to deal with emergency situation and not for us)  Intersections are the feeding slots or effluence for those proceeding to inner destination. How it is controlled is another thing, efficient utilization of traffic lights do the deal. Does adding a potential source of recourse within a space designed after factors of velocity and volume critically slows down the functions? Is there a standard distance of “open slot” in a highway that will not hindered its efficiency? And isn’t it reactionary in chain in terms of its tributaries relationship to inner road networks? These are the set of valid questions we got to face to ensure that safety and road policy are properly observe and create interdisciplinary functions to both the road users and its service maintenance unit.

A seconds of stop or multi-seconds delay can be factored into a hundred mile of loss time of our daily grind, the 15 minutes predicated drive now last more than it is expected. Volumes and volumes of cars and buses are occupying the main artery of the metropolis with these bollards, lane separators and open mid-divider turning slots (u-turn) in addition to the normal intersections going out of the main highway. Will the phasing of other type of public transportation lessen or loosen up the road? does taking out of those or putting out of the main highway of 15 years above existence of vehicles a sure fire way to mitigate the road chaos? I bet there are indeed pros and cons in the offing, but we’re sure there is a factor of great results in recalling the u-turn slots as which is not sitting well in a highway setting, eating much of our precious time.

Always remember that shortest distance comes always from a straight line – Paquito


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