Wow , what a year it was… as we race to loosen those fats we gained from the high calories holiday foods let me share again to you this wonderful article of going organic, which is the best way to re-create the old you before that revelry. You got to try their organic coffee its totally different !

Every-Juan is turning organic! Contrary to genetically modified food sources Zonvil Food Ventures is creating its own wave of great food sources and it’s selling like hot cake in the center of Greenhills Tiangge Exhibit Area. Black and brown rice is the “bida” at the stall of Ms. Vivien Banzon, a lady who is in her late 40’s while trying to explain to everybody who are taking turns  buying the People’s Champ-o-rado made of organic thru a mixture of white, brown and black rice with no cocoa and grown for over a six-months period prior to its harvest to give us the satisfaction no other champorado have made in our entire life. I myself have to queue to get a taste of it and found it more satisfying than it is being advertised in  terms of pinoy-lasa that in a matter of less than 8 hours exhibit hours they’ve cooked and served at 8 huge rice cooker sized pot, that’s a big pot per hour my dear readers and not only that they also served brewed and ground coffee which were grown in the mountain regions of the northern Luzon.

High in health benefits especially the grains used are rich in micronutrients such as calcium for bone density restructuring and magnesium for a healthier muscular needs of the millennials. With the pressing demands of fast replenishment of loss health fibers and high sugar content a BPO agent get in the performance of their graveyard shifts job this high fiber antioxidants contains anthocyanin found in food which more than that of blueberries. Zonvil Food Ventures will open its product for franchising next month of September 2016 as they’re on the final stages of setting up the business into the food mainstream.

Experience the organic benefits of the People’s Champ-o-rado right at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas San Juan City in the on-going Tiangge Exhibition and get to taste the delectableness of a healthy and great antioxidant pinoy merienda.

For a knockout inquiries you may reach the proud owner thru their official email ad or dial +639 28 505 7050 or share this article to all of your social media fandoms here and abroad and get the best discount for wholesale buy.

Cultivated ground produce great food source, Intelligent minds creatively produce great product organically. – Paquito


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