“I want to promote myself as how i want the people to look at me not the way they want me to look at them.”  the parting words we heard from the man who’ve been our brightest and wittiest college batchmate after our lunch get together a couple of weeks ago.

The olympics fever is done and a bit of it still lingers on your thoughts and admirations and most of the athletes are safely home and back in the family’s arms. Hello there my dear readers I wanna give you my thoughts on this and I hope to hear your thoughts also for a better interaction experience as we are heading near the 100th article for this very young and promising blog site you could’ve imagine.

As you can see it is loaded with the word “want” and the inquirer is not asking but demanding something he nor I holds for as far as everybody’s respect is concern. As i was always telling you respect is earned not demanded, let the people give or share their word or two which is their rights and period. To be remembered as the best, you got to put on the best of you 24 hours a day seven days a week. That’s a full of acts to do. To live a life as normal as we could is not even easy, we got set of problems and challenges ahead of us as we all knew that life without challenges is not a life at all. As long as we are not intermediating with others lives , for as long as we are living a fair and square thing we are for sure be best remembered with what we haven’t demanded, favorably asked or forcibly taken but by how we put our best in any little things we do, shared and equally given respectfully.

Block by block we live and locked, love and peace we leave in pieces. – Paquito


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