We are now currently in the wettest season of the year, tropical storms coupled with monsoon rains is a great recipe for abrupt floodings to low-lying areas and places adjacent to riverbanks, threats of overflowed waters and necessary release of critical spilling level of water from the dams surrounding the metropolis are the major challenges our society is facing. Prevention is better than cure as we always heard, readiness is an obligation we should seriously consider and stay away from the catastrophic effects of the season. Here are several instant safety moves you must remember whenever you’re caught or trap anywhere during heavy rains.

Ensure your smart phone’s battery level to have a communication link outside and have a means to check the updates surrounding your area at that moment in time. Raincoat, boots and sweaters should always be ready whenever needed. Think like an eskimo is the name of the game.

Listen carefully and seriously act in accordance with the public announcement instruction if you need to leave your place of low lying areas and move with your handy kits for a time being while on an evacuation facilities.

Don’t drive through the flooded areas as the actual looks or scene can be deceiving, trust your instinct but better not go out if you got nothing important to do during heavy rainy days. And in addition to this always maintain enough fuel in your vehicle diesel tank.

Can’t leave office due to traffic? Stay where you are and Inform your relatives of the situation and make the most out of it productively, better be dry and productive than wet and sickly the next day. Check the local and international internet news portals to get the true facts of the weather condition and give you a better insights of its duration and strengths.

A bag of no cooking needed instant food to nourish you during these hard times is a great move as supermarkets sometimes cut down operations in order not to sacrifice their facilities during extreme weather conditions. Of course an extra gallon of potable water must come with it.

Let’s sum up to be ready and survive the weather extremities ill effects

  • Battery Full Charge, Rain gears ready  and think like eskimo.
  • Survival kit, Radio and PA announcement careful listening is a must.
  • Full Tank, avoid flooded areas or don’t leave home or office parking area if necessary
  • Stay dry and productive while at work during forced stay hours and inform relatives and check  updates on the internet.
  • Food and Water supply must be more than enough to survive the deal.

Being well informed raise the chance of survival and gives you ample time to recreate your days without any fuzz and the only person available to do this for you is you and no one else. You don’t like to tell yourself several if’s and but’s once you’re trap in a situation you could’ve never imagine in your entire life, right? Get started and proactively put your thoughts into actions and preparation to assure yourself and relatives of getting the sunrise once the storm is over.

The amount of survival depends on the amount of preparation we put in. – Paquito

Your comments and suggestion are truly welcome, send them in and let’s create a proactive list of preparation 101 for those who can’t do it for themselves.


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