We do have not any superpower as seen in any movie or TV nor possess any above ordinary combat skills to elude piercing bullets and a lot faster reflexes to battle a group of two in square-fights. That’s fiction and can only be seen in reels of films and box office hits. I wanna tell you something that you might be unaware of or everybody is not aware, really. Yes, you guessed it right that there’s a hero in everyone one of us.

Endlessly we seek truce, peace, unity and in whatever language or local tongue you wanna call it but still of the same meaning, a lasting silence of peace. Ever Since the man walked the earth there have been turmoil, misunderstandings and the like. Planned deceit or double cross schemes were linked to a man’s genes. Was it due to the old saying that the animalistic thinking have come from innate  part of the brains which triggers it once we felt uneasy, uncomfortable and unconvinced of the supposedly expectation were looking to? Does controlling our expectations will lessen the small gap of resorting to ill-works than reconciliatory acts? For how long should the race of man will suffer the effects of ill-mannered acts of terrorism and attacks. Have they ever think of the opposite, which is the harmonious and peaceful way of living where everybody is sporting a smile on their faces and shaking hands sayin how do you do just like from the song of Louis Armstrong’s song What a Wonderful World.

By thinking only the just and acceptable acts towards everyone is a factual actions a man could give this world to generate peace. It must be coming from within, within us who mattered most in this complicated way of living life in full cooperation and brotherhood. You are indeed the hero and the one who possesses the superpower to share the good ideas and understand your co-worker, friend and the whole society and in these graceful act of being a man for others by putting our best to served and offered infinite resolutions whenever a conflict seemed to arise. I salute all the heroes who’ve gave their best in the advancement of peace and freedom for all our countrymen.

Costumes are made to create resemblance and in faithful acts of good deed we will be best remembered as a hero of our lives. – Paquito


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