We usually see them, in posh hotels, airports, malls and even in several multi level parking buildings and pass by them normally without saying the respectful thank yous. Their daily work routine start an hour earlier than the standard opening and closing hours of the unit they’re assigned to, to ensure that the hoisting equipment operates without any glitch and assure the riding public will use it safe and sound. This is just one of the odd job we somehow taken for granted but we shouldn’t, as our safety is their paramount concern while we are inside and transferring floors up and down the premises.

I took the liberty to asked few questions to an on-duty elevator operator of the SM Mall Parking building in Quezon City and these were her words. “We operate at eight hours a day with an hour break and the only downside of being inside a lift if felt once i’m on duty. Dizziness and sleepiness since were confined in a four metal walls with only an exhaust fans as the source of ventilation during each trip. Aside from mandatory physical wall surfaces cleanliness we need to firmly check on the scheduled PMS of the unit and give heads up to the concerned office to  perform accordingly.” said Ms Kristel Joy Oliveros

Their job is just like those of people providing transportation services and we must never take them for granted as it is our safest vertical transportation needs that they’re up to and without them i’m sure you’ll never know what to do once you got trap inside a dark and not ventilated volumetric cubicle space in the absence of an elevator operator.

Throw those smiles to those people doing odd jobs to make your day a good vibes day. – Paquito


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  1. Oh im proud of you Kristel Joy “Dianne” Oliveros. You are a great hairstylist and without your help during my wedding make-up gigs, I wouldn’t be able to get the job done on time. Im proud of you! I know you will do well in your new career, maybe when females ride the elevator you can share them hairstyling tips and how to do make-up too hahaha especially the browse 😉 i hope to see you around! Hugs to your pretty daughter HueAnn 😉 You will go a long way im sure with the Passion you have in the beauty industry transferred to your new career.Godbless you! And to the writer, kudos for recognizing people like her who knows a lot in life than the mere job description they have now.

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