Every nation dreamt of a peaceful society, community and people free of any substance from their body unless it is under the medical prescription which is of tolerable count. And we are all wanting it desperately, as the old saying goes that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Why do people tend to fall to this illegal and health deteriorating medium? having the knowledge it could create still they give it a try, out of curiosity and a long incomprehensible reasons they can give us just to make a scapegoat as to why and why they’re on it.  Is there an end in sight to fully get rid of it in our society, we are seeing, hearing and witnessing the strong drive towards the achievement of a drug free society. No need to expound the headlines of broadsheets and tabloids local and abroad. It is a menace that really took toll of our countrymen and the system way of living in every part of the world. Where to start is the next big question, we are now modernly living the fast lane of the 21st century that almost everything can be transacted right in the tip of our fingers, sadly to say including illegal drugs.

Our world are greatly divided by vast oceans and long distance travel is a must by moving from one country to another and we all passess through a series of terminals called the airports, seaports be it in the capital or the so called backdoors. Putting an extra strict security policy and execution of the same fair and square will somehow limit the entry of the illegal substances subject for immediate destruction. Is it doable? Where are these illegal substances originated? And why they keep on evolving?

Before the World War I and World War II,  it is also a farfetched idea if it will end, for people to live harmoniously or if a peace is still achievable. And in peace, majority of us are now living except to those country where insurgency is at high but they’re also finding ways to achieve peace, the reason? because every country leaders strived for it. Would it be possible for the eradication of drugs in the society? It is if everybody participated, cooperated and sing the same fine tune in respect to their views and  predicament towards the full elimination of the menace through a sound controlled distribution of chemicals acting as varied ingredients in coming up with those hallucination inducers. Illegal drugs elimination must be taken seriously the same way every nation’s leader took the world peace as before. Is it doable? Yes it is but when.

As long as the amount to acquire it equates a fortune, more and more “business minded” people will continue to venture to it and add up to the long standing problem which offers a simple solution by silent-elimination starting with “not highlighting the report about illegal drugs” to keep it away for good to the eyes and ears of the youth. Remember that curiosity kills the cat thing? For in curiosity everything starts and at the middle everybody get stucked till they wont be able to return to the previous state they’ve been. Plug the source seriously.  Like a handful of coins thrown onto the floor, splattered it hit even those unwanted minds that curiously tried and unlucky he picked the wrong side of it that in addition he collude without resting him good. Cutting the hands that keeps on throwing those coins will surely stop the curiosity found.

Nothing is impossible if everybody aimed at once to a single target. – Paquito


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