Hi readers, i’m reblogging this article to seriously remind everyone to start the grind during this long Christmas celebration as we wanna take advantage of its opportunities to offer to us especially the weather where we can hit the parks and track ovals to burn those oily foods we take every visit to those food trucks, tiangges, food festival and you name it.

 I just came from a normal Sunday routine run from a public city sports center track oval  and i swear it was a blast and an added shedding of loose fats and getting my heart rate on-check. A lot of people especially during weekends trooped to the open parks, track ovals, tree lined roads, university roads and even around the still closed commercial shop  areas of the city to sweat it out and be revitalized for the next weeks working days ahead of them. Let me share to you the twelve best things i like or love about it and am quite sure some of you share the same.

First is the People – everybody wants to run no matter what are the aim were, to stay fit, healthy, prepare for a big run event or just for fun. There are some running with a single companion, most are in partners, several are group of friends or club and others are there to train or keep the training program at check. People from all mobile ages, a baby just starting to walk to a septuagenarian starting to regain their walking reflexes which they’ve lost to sickness or coming of age. From different faces you’ll learn to realize the battle of lives they’ve somehow been to and you’ll thinking the background they might have by glancing with the aura they have for that sunny morning. People who have made those Sundays as part of a normal business day selling anything from sportswear to delicacies and even horticulture products that its a fantastic views and idea to think how these evolve to change your mood big time.

Second is the Smell of the Morning  Air – an early morning jog definitively sets your attitude for the day, relax, no pressures, smile on your face and managing your expectations are all due to the morning breeze naturally created for everyone to enjoy. Crisp clean morning air rejuvenates everyone and that most of us are not aware of the soothing effect it brings to us aside from listening to a classical music. It brings the excitement within the exhilarating feeling of getting a bigger space to spend at and expecting your vision to feed on cool greenery lawns or grass including trees separating the crowd from the blue sky. That fresh air makes your lungs healthier effectively creates a stronger and quicker agility in you. Though the city is widely polluted it is in the presence of trees and the distant location of the jogging path that makes us want to pursue the happiness embolden in it.

Third is the Morning Sun – the vitamin coming from the sun during morning is still the best way to prop-up our calcium needs. It acts like a laser inside an operating room showing best result from the rays at a speed a billion times that staying under a prolong period will also gives you a charred skin. Under the sun everybody has the liberty to show their best outfit, sweat shirts, running shoes and even the flashiest shades to combine with the choice of music they’re playing on their gadgets. The sun rays is always there  to nourish us free of charge.

Fourth i must include the City Park – ask yourself of how do you end up running in a certain park and your answer will give you the things you were expecting the day before you hit the park to jog. Affirmative? It’s the park recreational features that invites us to get there, children friendly amenities and an educational areas about animals, plants, playground miniaturized places to appreciate at and others. The cultural history of any park somehow put us to reconnect with the past and appreciate the effects it gives to the current generation thereby leading you to yearn for more and add an experience you’re not  aware before.

Fifth I like is the Olympic size Track Oval – here I get to think and feel like an athlete competing with fellow runners while counting laps in that comfy red floor. It’s remarkable size creates the longings for a record setting goals like running the 100 meters dash and checking how you’ve clock and the endurance running by counting the total laps you’ve made in a 10 minutes clock set. Even brisk walking is greatly done in an oval track because of its even surface and lined separated lanes gives us the directed balance. And in the tracks you’ll see the presence of some athletes making rounds of their training regimen with the aide of their coaches and co-athletes.

Sixth on my list Pre-Fun Run Activity of Sleeping Early – as most fun runs starts the activity as early as 5:00 in the morning. The chance to hit the sack as early as 8:00 in the evening somehow instill the discipline in me and my friends. After a long exchanges of messages using the Internet posting given uniforms numbers and the like telling the world that you’re running under the 3k category gives a shot to humorous fame. The chance to be at the venue without hitting a traffic. After that breeze in the finish line and eating up breakfast with friends it is also a great time to sleep again early to regain strength and the body normal clock. It is the known schedule of activities that unwittingly puts the needed discipline in you to add recognizable photos you’ve taken and paid to the organizers.

Wearing that colorful and comfortable Pair of Sneakers is my Seventh – even if you’re wearing that egg laden sole or memory foam they’re talking about doesn’t matter as long as you’re running without any distractions under your foot soles you’re off to a good day and you’ll get the rewarding endurance you are wanting for. Some dress to impress while running as if they don’t wanna get their brand new sneakers damage or dirtier that they run like a floating angel without touching the floor and some you’ll notice runs like a roaring thunder due to their overweight and round body mass wrapped in a black sweat bag to collect out salt and sweats. Have you asked yourself how many under utilized pair of sneakers you have in your shoe rack? Time to burn rubber and do it double time. Flashy and led-lighted shoes are a fads you’ll mostly seen in all sorts of colors and shade.

Eight in the list is Rehydration Drinks – some gives you strength and longer pacing while some gave you stomach ache that you were unable to get out of your car as you stuck in a seat cramping your belly like hell. There are several energy drinks in the market that’s a big NO for acidic people and to drink a new product after a stressful run must be taken with care as we don’t want to spoil that big run of yours. Tips from experienced runner will help but you’re still the best judge if it suits your body needs. Another great thing about energy rehydration drinks is it gives you the sense of powerful will to finish a run decisively.

Ninth is The Loud Ambience – try to run in a park and you’ll feel the intense energy filling the air with the latest reggae, Latin, hip hop, trance music genre keeping those Zumba fanatics dancing on the feet choreographed by a sexy and toned instructor complete with back ups. It’s a fiesta like Sunday you’ll see and heard drumming up your energy to keep running and enthusiastically give yourself a limitless options to walk-run-pace-run with the loud music as your mood-setting sensory directional guide it brings the better in you to run conditionally. Besides those music updates you to search and listen once at home and keep you abreast of the music fashion and fads.

Tenth are the presence of MMA, Boxing, Arnis, Karatedo and Cross-Trainers – little did we knew that these set of multi sports trainers are all professionals during their prime years and it is their passion to share basics and intermediate fundamentals to those interested to learn for an extra low diem complete with practice mitts, gloves, arnis sticks and headbands. Asking for proper foot stand and stance helps relieve stress and somehow brings you to discover your other self doing those routine and absorb new simple ideas we felt applicable to our situation. Sooner you’re in for a serious cross training that you won’t regret and earn new friends and acquaintances helpful to your career.

Eleventh on the list is the Tiange and Taho Vendor – as you make your trials to beat your previous time you are spending too much energy that you wanted to replenish your sugar needs through soya and sugar bette locally known as Taho. I myself get to have a glass of it before starting to jog as it makes me more energetic. Need a new rash guards, head gear or sun visor ? You can find it at a bargain price at the nearby Tiange in different colors and sizes bearing prominent brands and logos. Tiange stalls offer a variety of personal gears and things that’s why it’s a must to check it out before heading home, is your faucet dripping? Your led bulbs needs immediate replacement perhaps your pet needs comb or cage or anything under the sun it’s almost there and at a lowest prices just be careful of broken products.

Finally at Twelfth is the row of Great Food Stalls – breakfast lunch are being serve by most of them. Famous silog entries are mostly chosen by the local folks these are served freshly hot combined with brewed coffee or hot chocolates. There are stalls that serve coconut water and milkshakes and even eat all you can orders inviting runners to forget their training regimen and indulge into sumptuous meals available at very affordable prices to enjoy with your companion before deciding it’s a day.

Our Sunday evolves in different ways and one of them is to habitually run, jog and walk to maintain our vital organs healthy and functional at all times . Have a safe and fun Sunday.

We breath the air for free, never lose the privilege by not doing your best to run around the roundabout.-Paquito  


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