I won’t be sounding like a scientist or a health professional here but tackle the practical things we might be realistically doing to help no one but us. They come in millions, billions population and has the shortest life cycle to propagate and to bite humans sucking our bloods to feed their appetite for proteins and nutrients it needs to survive and continue spreading mosquito induced diseases such as dengue, malaria and zika viruses. Almost all of anti mosquito defenses were made and being invented but still an alarming figures of fatalities and epidemic of disturbing proportions. Dwelled and borne out of bodies of water, we are well aware of its possible sources and due diligence we must do our share to stop it, stagnant water visible unto flower pots, ponded floors, open canals, water features, rivers, mangroves, ponded rooftops, gutters, septic vaults and a long list they can call home. The idea is to vigilantly do our share home by home, place by place and city by city. Getting every square meters of places on check of possible breeding ground of the dreaded disease-transporter seriously. Do we need to hear a law before we act respectively? Do we need to see our lovely child suffer the ailments and pay a hefty hospital bill before we put our actions accordingly? Being proactive is the key factor, rather than reactionary instinctively.

Starting inside our homes, offices and other places of work going out to public places such as parks, open fields, transport stations, malls, places of worship, health facilities, sports facilities and other public congregation places should be regularly maintain to get rid of eggs and larvae. Did anybody asked what will happen if we can totally eliminated, pulverized and destroy the mosquitoes for good? Will there be an imbalance of the ecosystem once we do it? They just evolve through microorganism like the flies from an improperly disposed dead animal. The mosquitoes are such a tiny living things but of colossal ill effects toward humans.  Does an invention of any herb formulaic sprays or misting mixture help reverse their behavior of biting or sucking bloods instead of sipping nectars the way their male counterparts do? Just asking.

Start getting rid of it by checking out your places, make it a habit the way we take showers everyday. Discipline and dedication forms part of the daily deal as we are truly outnumbered and being outsmarted for a thousand years inflicting damages through a seasonal comeback time and time again, moving places and spaces. Tropical countries like ours are the most prone to these varied diseases caused by mosquitoes.  And it is in finding its sensitivities to light, odour and other repellent we must improve the research to finally put an end to dengue, malaria and zika strains for good.

Odd it may look but fatal if we mislook, it’s not only about a clean environment but of actions of precautions. – Paquito  


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