How many of you encountered a clogged road intersections? It’s not a good experience right? An ambulance with a dying patient can’t pass through it due to rogue drivers and inconsiderate incompetent road users who never have had any idea of how the road network system works for everybody. So where do we start to instill the right information to re-educate our fellow road users of the basic and complex utilization of highways, arterial, alleys, intersections, traffic signs and the like? Using the digital highway of information dissemination will further reach every Juan’s smartphones, i pads, laptops and even desktops to ensure the good governance programs are hitting the right target.

Going back to the topic, I was trying to figure out the reasons behind those people whom we can call Xing-blockers. Are they such in a hurry that seeing an open space in front of them will make them whatever they wanna call it? They are the drivers who simply occupies the intersection without any hesitation and wait for their time to turn either left or right most of them straight who has the nerve to block and pretend no one looking at them just to consummate their deeds no matter what. Seen those signs imposing penalties for those gonna stalled inside the “yellow box” or the intersection once the red light turns on, Great Idea but behold and lo no one seems to care seriously. Leaving us dumbfounded with their horrific actions delaying others of their daily schedules if these xing-blockers doesn’t care for their time. Putting up a hefty fine will not eradicate the menace, an educational material setting their family’s consequential  dangerous results coming from their acts will instill the dagger into their right frame of minds and souls. Treating the crossing intersections as special as our gadgets in terms of its positive effects and the productivity changes it’ll bring to the daily lives will surely do the trick.

Let me leave you with this, why do people tend to be reactionary instead of pro-actionary? Your thoughts matters. Let’s make our road friendlier than ever.

Silly things is easier said and done, let yourself be not a part of it and be a part of the considerate and humane road user day in day out. – Paquito 


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