Hello my dear reader around the globe! As we are celebrating several milestones in our lives let me share to you my thoughts and resounding obligations to keep our brain running of great ideas and possible solution of fact to everyone’s challenges right now.  It is easier said than done! The harder we tried the harder we fall. To some it is true and they’ve experienced it in their own small or big ways previously.

A little known supplier once said during a small talk in a far flung local trade school of how he was able to compete or stay afloat in midst of big time players and traders. His answer was very simple that he always say the dictum unto himself whenever he is facing the truth, hurting facts of adversity of competition which is “easy is easy and hard is hard”. Reciting these words on his way to a client meeting to which he has viewed enough information in the man’s company’s website finding what is not written or indicated carefully analyzing the best offer he can do to get the man’s nod and account for the smallest needs of the company.

Many of us are eyeing the biggest account in the market, spending sleepless nights and voluminous research and proactively figuring it out how much it’ll add in the coffers and many as in many are doing it just one candy that the competition becomes fiercer than ever and in bad luck they fall harder than expected. Sad to say rejected. As compared to the man who keeps on reading about the things he gonna offer staying on the course of his small business and keep in competition in his own chosen way.

The man who chases the smallest has the best  option in the market as many as in many are floating ahead of us or shall i say right before our nose are being neglected as we tend to see its small returns rather than the traditional big. Neglect becomes our dictum in life in doing the same where then the harder becomes hardest and easy became hard which should not be the ideal way. The name of the game is not about size but of counts. True enough there are some where size does matter but the world is composed of a few who lead it by a mile and a thousand more who are performing it by a yard.

Easy things becomes harder whenever we chose to deviate from a tried and tested formula of success.-Paquito


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