No man is an island., I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine in return., One at a time. These are only a few traits or course of action we are seeing ever-since the civilizations began. And it wasn’t forgotten or erased in the society if its not a good gesture or a reliable example of a camaraderie.  We should be enhancing forth the traits towards the bigger and effective way to help one another in the pursuit of whatever positive return it may bring thereto.

Think of a home without this and loosely you are asking yourself why there should. A community, an organization, a club or perhaps a fraternity and sorority. In brotherhood they’ve seek solace and helpful acts to the betterment of their situation or next course of action where they asked for sound advise and referrals to make a certain challenge manageable and achievable. Agree? I hope you are.

Scientifically we are designed to be interdependent towards each other no matter what age, race or beliefs as we all breath and live in one single planet , distances are physically made giving different civilizations ways to manage, improve and interconnect toward other civilizations to fulfill the true meaning of existence in the boundaries of an acceptable norms and ways, written in the form policies and respective respectable by-laws outlaying each territories.

But there are several default constraints that a civilizations must  strongly defeat which is the work of others who are not subscribing to the idea of a well mannered society, throwing respect unto respect and those who’s villainous acts are not directed towards the betterment of a society but the destruction of the physical, personal, political and spiritual well being of the common people. With this we must, adhered to work side by side with the framework of filling the void of another to make a stronger front in a resounding resilience and offensive deterrence to any act that may put the modern and civilized society’s peaceful existence of the current and the coming generation.

Like a child born every second without any cloth or garments, we’re all are created equal, given the same amount to see, speak and listen towards one another, and interdependent we must adhered to it. – Paquito  


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