We were been invited to some of the biggest property roadshows in our lifetime and you will notice the chronological consistence of their approach on how they’re wooing potential clients of all ages.  Sales leaflets, shiny brochures stamped with the sales agent’s name and contact details sometimes ended up littering the pavements of public convenience. I still remember the time when the booming south have created a long line of traffic at the freeway with almost all of the cars headed to fast developing hot properties that once touted as agricultural lands for what they called tripping. There you’ll find yourself entering a portal of impressive finishes bringing your cerebral impulses to imagine the dream you’ve been wanting, while walking the virgin soil of the area under the scorching heat of the sun. “there the clubhouse will be erected, while here is the main access road will be paved with a standard thick of concrete with a line of imported palmettos to give you the colonial scenery just like with this brochure Sir.”said in an exciting and a kid like toned voice of an agent assigned to the client. Then a sumptuous lunch followed and the cycle goes on. This is the old school way of selling properties.

Change becomes the permanent fixture of everybody’s life, forming the way we communicate to the way we stay up to date to our network, acquaintances and our acquaintances acquaintance. Interconnection is the name of the game. A number of portal applications  or apps are offered and vastly improving every step of the way. Still, the physical actuality if oculars is a process that will been for more years to come as buyer’s preferred to see, feel and scrutinize things, places and the like they’re acquiring. A face to face encounter is still a must before we can call the sale a success, or sold.

So how do they chase clients from potential pool of attendance sheets and call cards they’ve got in exchange for theirs? There are three stages to seal a deal which are getting introduced, do the heads up for them and let them get their choice. As you’ll notice these stages are all the jobs of the seller, property consultants and whatever you may want to call them. The only participation a client needs is to provide you the contact details they have and the rest is for the chasing guy all throughout. It’s not easy i’ll tell you. But if you have a planned initiatives to make it work just fine then go for it.

Since almost everyone is glued to the internet then thru inter connectivity you must anchor the basic strategy available at hand. Create an Excel profiles of your potential clients with their important milestone dates like birthdays, anniversary to make the interaction closer and a bit personal dividing gap thinner and establish a better rapport as it is still the word of mouth advertising that can land you a close deal either with them or thru them of their friends, relatives and other connections. Maintain a data base of well-connected people or professionals that you think can give you a list of potential buyers for the current week, months and year or years to come. Transposing the list you have into a friendly encounter will help you big time in the future and you better make yourself available once get invited to any affair that may seem odd to you as everybody knew that love happens in a place and time that you never expected and so with sales. Agree?

This is the reason we sue the word chasing not locking or getting target of clients as it is a go after the potential game out there and you should do it logically in a most practical way. Have you ever been become friends of those people who turned you outright with your product of a multi million amount property you are selling? If yes, you are in a wrong direction. Chasing means padding up the acquaintances in your directory, sooner or later, those whom you’ve stop talking or connecting with are the ones who are capable of getting not only one but several pieces of property as his sound investment, right. We must never underestimate anybody and treat everybody as the person who can help us generate the needed minimum quota of sales. Hey, i am not a sales guru but it seems i sound like one !.

Chasing game never stops whenever and wherever you are. In fact it’s time for you to make yourself more visible than ever both in physical and wired world. Build a brand of your own genuine way to get notice and calmly sell the goods with the highest confidence and you’re in for sure of a better chance to and get the best chance to level up the discussion to terms of payment and condition which is the threshold of closing the deal for good. The next time you go out of your main door be sure to be the most approachable person in every situation you might get into to break the thick source of distant silence that keeps you inside the box of isolation instead of out of the box communication.

Gazillions words are made available even for those who can’t utter a single one,  start a small talk and make it the biggest break of your day. – Paquito


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