We’ve been hitting fancy restaurants, fast food chains, buffet and ala carte and even pasta ristorante in almost our entire life and may i ask you, what do you think these all have in common? Yes, you got it and they all tastes good which is the reason you keep on coming back and continue reliving the great tasting food a resto has been offering. But what is behind the taste? Sometimes were thinking what the hell they call it and it’s so addicting that gave us the fulfillment of what satisfaction means to us. It must be the preparation I think? Or the secret process those Chefs have in their imaginative talent and high standards of palatable contentment. Perhaps the sauce they’ve used that simply put and add extra ordinary authentic taste to any type of food. Sauce can be derived from Soya, Fish, Meat and Vegetables and even Fruits of rare kind if done thru a great process produced a multitude of variety once it penetrates the food served. What about the condiments, those are used to suit one’s preference for a certain type food on the table.

As advertised and promoted, food taste enhancers are plenty and it started way back the ancient time during which it is even used to pay or trade for a thing or supplies every man’s need for his and family consumption. In today’s modern times scientific process of extraction of its juices, drying process to preserved and maintain its true taste and provide the necessary or expected tasting effects it’ could create in bringing out the best and limiting the natural odor a meat of any type and experience the aromatic and tender loving food taste of either sweet, bitter, sour and a mix of it cultivating your inner senses and put you into a reset mode and a fresh start of your brain cells accordingly. Does eating the food you’ve been craving for put you into a new dimension of how you think? Will it ignite the creativity in one’s self,  perhaps contentment it is. Sauce makers have these in mind and kept on perfecting their sauce produce trying to find the best ever that could reset the minds of the pressured, stressed and busy people of the corporate world and make them always at their brightest and roundest manner all the time.

In our country alone there are a thousand sauce producers and repacking company providing our needs and the world has a lot to offer that makes them unique and different from others. Raw tuna is tasteless without the refined wasabi+lemon+Sauce isn’t it? Pasta would taste like cooked grains without the tomato sauces+parmesan+a pinch of pepper. Even our favorite potato chips are enhanced with those variety of dips we crave for and sauces of sour, cheesy, process onion and others makes it a good snack while watching your favorite tv show. Jalapenos and chilli sauces are made to bring out the fiercest and war ready in us, better have these before seeing your boss for that company presentation you got, but if you’re not that choosy try having a packet of two of food chain ketchup to reset your mood.

A drop or two amplifies your mood, control your emotions as tiny as a drop of any sauce.-Paquito


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