Everybody has a stacked of plans to do in every weekend they got in their calendar but still they end up frustrated once that very weekend approaches and as they planned it failed to make them satisfied as things weren’t turned the way it should be. Whine no more folks as I’ve got simple things to look forward to in those 2 important weekend days.

Drive away from Home

If you are the time traveler type of person who used to be happy hitting the roads to experience at least in a while  that top speed of your sports car or adding mud at those four wheeler. Better hook up with those small clubs of the same model you got and it is sure a never been the same weekend you gonna have, just make sure to make a thorough check of your unit to avoid being towed by one of the club member and spoiled yours and that of the club expectation for the day. Hey, did i hear you say Bringing that Bike to the trail? That’s a great idea! img_6717

Cook and Grill with your Family & Friends

There is no other better activity during weekends than preparing the kitchen and dining table outside your house and of course with the presence of your dear family and sometimes with good friends. It doesn’t need to be a full budget thing of food, get out of the stock room the webbed grille and set up the table with a curtain drapery and its a party weekend you got there. The choice of foods are not only few as having it pot luck truly makes the long table a kinda food for the gods seeing different menus and a couple of drinks masterfully do the deal of making your weekend the best ever. Just don’t forget to clean up the picnic area once everybody is done and down with their burped tummy.

Do the General Cleaning in Preparation to Holiday Season  

It’s less than a hundred days before Christmas and cleaning up the messy house is a must. For you to enjoy the ultimate countdown of the much awaited season better start as early as now to throw, donate and keep out of those unwanted things inside your houses. Have been trying to have it scheduled? Well the time is now and do it. You’ll be amazed to see things you’ve been looking for a long time sitting underneath your couches and get a better chance to make a re-arrangement of your living room perhaps. And its one of the best bonding time you can make with your family, asking things if fine or not while moving those side tables truly make it a quality time for your weekend spent. And to make it more exciting, don’t cook food but dial for service to share good food even if everyone is sweating and hungry due to unexpected activities you’ve just created that needs everyone’s cooperation.

Wake up Early to Jog-Walk-Run the Park and Food trip Afterwards

Everybody is into it so why not you and the members of the family. Kids used to preempt their weekends playing unlimited app games and x-box making them weak as they’re depriving themselves of a more physical activities they need. Enticing them is one of the hardest part if your kids are at puberty ages as they prefer to do things on their own using mobile phones, tablets and the likes. Talking to them before getting to sleep early of things to expect will add a better understanding and excitement on that day. Eating outside after a morning run with your family establishes better bond among the family. So better hit the sack early tonight guys.

Read, Reflect and Meditate

Weekends are made to recharge and rejuvenate after that workweek you had and to indulge yourself with a cup of coffee and a book, magazine or bible  will not only repack you up but feed your mind as well for that 2 important days of  the week. Making yourself as the  best example in the house to your kids also teach them to mimic your ways of spending every day of the week. Sharing what you just read will make them feel their importance and vital existence as a part of the family. Am pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of scriptures, sayings and dictum thru your Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Vine you name it and haven’t you ask yourself where they’re getting this stuff? It’s just written in that small reading materials you got and you’re in for a better weekends once you find time to reflect and meditate about it. Lastly, attend a mass and pray to the creator above to thank him for the blessings that you’ve run unto.

Weekends are crafted for everybody, we got tired and that’s normal, you need it, i need it and everyone needs it to catch-up, reconnect, bond and all things to that effect as it is a part of being human. Respect your house-help weekends or work off as they too are human who needs the same thing as to our well being is. Happy weekend everyone!

Weekend never ends really. – Paquito


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