How important an Expression of Interest to the business world? Will diving straight to the contract isn’t enough to show the faithful participation of the service provider to the principal in need of a certain services. 

There are still several if not many individual or company caught in this blunder. Discerning things way ahead of the process of the other party in need of their services. The competitive edge somehow establishes the pros ability to show what they got versus the amateurs, right from the start of  participation to a future contract or engagement as being sought by them.  First let’s be definite with the outright information that were asked. Bear in mind that it is not to be treated as an application but a business process to test the possible qualified takers once an important project, contract or any service of professional or amateur level is highly considerable  for it to move forward and eventually lock-in an agreement written with full disclosure of scope and limitations of a full circle job orders.

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Interested? Express it properly

If you think that you have the resources, skill and funds to participate in a certain job then send an official EOI or Expression of Interest stating your faithful participation to join them in the process of execution to deliver the goods once contracted  officially.

Faithful roots bears the greatest fruit. – Paquito


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