I am giving you this free and practical advise that i think will be helpful to your pet project like small or big renovation projects or some called it retrofitting works in a condo setting. Though there are still a lot of entry homes being offered down south we are all knowledgeable that it is by far outnumbered by the millennials preference to acquire a condo studio, 1-BR or 2BR units within the metropolis.

Like a dance step where we should start with the right foot in order to gracefully execute the dance routine without any extra effort, i totally find it the same with the process to apply in doing a retrofitting works even if it is your first time to do so. There are several steps along the way that’ll make you uneasy especially if it entails or cornered in a very tight budget. The succeeding list are a couple of tried and tested parameters that most of my peers have occasionally failed due to inability to identify the right pattern of work sequence while walking with the shadow of your potential client/s in a more fulfilling  way than the normal stressed laced scenarios all throughout the duration of the project.

  1. Advance research always give the best result and sometimes creates the notion of giving an impression of expertise with the task being ask. Clients speaks with excitement, exhilaration of living their most coveted lifetime dream that sometimes made them forget that there are still other option to be desired with than the normal model house unit design pattern at hand. This requires you to pay a visit to the Admin Office for an exact configurations of the space involved. Analyzed the utilities capacity and limitations of what is an acceptable standard within the rules and regulations and provide the best inter-space relationship for the unit. Check the brochures, marketing materials and use your imagination to get the optimal solution.
  2. Get real with the dimension as those indicated in brochures or marketing glossy paper is most likely out of scale, meaning go get and see for yourself the actual unit and carefully look with the positioning of utility service connections. Check the vista if it is available or not and incorporate it in your proposal to the client. Feel it for yourself by simulating the realistic ambiance you wanna provide to your client by starting with the main entry door going the whole are till the small balcony and vice versa. That way your proposal is a situational of real interaction once the client occupies their unit.
  3. Do the schemes in 3D ! Old school drawing presentations are now awaiting its final rest as more and more potential client were truly aware of the technologically advance presentations and 3d is one of them. Make an optional scheme for better discussion.
  4. Once you’re done with the presentation, asked politely for the keys of the unit for you to do the actual layout and made another “actual” space simulated presentation before you embark with the production of set of working drawings. Get a professional help of a Line and Grade to do the layout to ensure exact and squareness of lines accordingly.
  5. Invite the client to see for themselves the  layout you and your Line and Grade engineer prepared and discuss with your printed or moving 3d drawings in a tablet of a laptop explaining every minute details covering the breadth and the width of each corner of the unit. In this process you are assure of the clients approval as it is more obvious and clearer for them to appreciate the wholeness of the project.
  6. Proceed with the production of the working drawings and the BOQ and start the sourcing of materials availability with a keen eye to its actual dimension to fit in the constricted space of the condo unit. Submit with all the attachments including bonds and insurances to the concerned office and get a permit to proceed accordingly.
  7. Execute a formal contract for the coverage of the project undertaking in the spirit of fairness and equity.
  8. Deploy the competent and skilled worker as work quality tolerances are far more superior in condo projects as compared to a normal house construction. Always involved the building engineer to avoid miscommunication all throughout the duration of the project.
  9. Be pro-active in spearheading the quality check of every facet of the work.
  10. Innovate when doing the turnover activities of unit to its unit owner. Provide small meals and drinks as a gesture of respect and simple celebration of your careers milestone and that of your clients achievement in receiving a high quality standard space for his own consumption.
  11. Limit the billing into at least 2 to 3 sequence only.
  12. Ensure your presence during the housewarming as it is a new beginning for a potential client once more and this time it is your work doing the talk while you’re eating and sipping a glass of healthy wine.

As we are not discounting the unsuccessful and stressful way of execution of works for a normal condo fit-out works these twelve simple tips will somehow help you start to innovate your old school style or approaches to the client of the future who are technology savvy.

Sequence is the apt word for the practical innovation of shortened pattern of work. – Paquito 


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