Burned out and losing stand on everything else that matters is one of the biggest challenge a busy man could face in his lifetime, do we need to feel this way in order to regain the enthusiasm like we used to be during the initial stages of the circumstances? 

Feeling exhausted is a sign of telling you to recoup yourself or to regain the lost strengths and drive that you possessed to a certain situation you have. Many people work or dive into extreme pressures without any second thought, putting too much on their will to win that they seems to forget that  they’re no superman or have the superpower to do it all in a single line time frames. Have we forgotten that there are seven days a week that we should spare time to pause, chill, relax or meditate of all the past pertaining to the current challenge were facing.

It is the cheapest and easiest thing a man can do to find himself again and rejuvenate in a matter of hours by doing things that pleases or make him fulfilled of himself. Find time to  hit the park, sports club or eat what your hearts desire in order to regain the lost strength and drive you wish you have to close out finally a lingering task at hand.

No amount of downfall can change a man unless he knew right from the start the amount of energy he has to exert equally. – Paquito


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