People tend to be submissive even if they knew the real sound and effective direction to be creative and fulfill the bigger picture of success or efficiency. Maybe you wonder and sometimes find yourself in the same situation yet you chose to be un-assertive to preserved the relationship in between and reap the low end of the day in the end. And a lot of reading materials and articles are browse-able in the net telling you to think small, sometimes smaller to avoid such confrontational scenes that might led to the demise of camaraderie or long standing friendship. Well , i will you this. Stop and think about it.

You can always dream, aspire  and think bigger and get the uncharted results you haven’t think about and learn to embrace it as you deserve more than your thought could think of, as long as you’re not stepping on anyone. Why you wanna think small, in order not to offend somebody? or to stay away from potential trouble in the end? or maybe you’re afraid to face the truth of seeing them walk away from your loop of friends. Well, I will tell you this once again. Stop and tell them about it.

The next-gen and the yolo even the millennials have several cerebral barriers that the old have a bit of discomfort dealing with the underrated hyper thinking youth of today. The old traits that used to be applicable and effective during the post war period are now in obsolescence period not because we are becoming disrespectful but due to the fact that the time has evolved even the surrounding we live in. Fast pace communication has left the past uneasily realigning itself to the demands of the current pattern of lives we have. It is undeniable that these “tool of improvement” have created things harder to achieve to those who decline to be on the same basic pace of the digital world that nobody is now thinking small but bigger.

The stark reality of the emergence of everyday life tools and gadgets has been a common thing that everybody must live with and it is a choice we got to go through if we wanted still to think small, that by gliding with the net age is already a form of decision to think bigger as we are unconsciously aligned ourselves to the next big thing to come and become part of those thinking the biggest for themselves.

Character and Creativity are two different traits, but we can always be creative with the best and acceptable character in the end. – Paquito 


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